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Kickboxing gym using Video

Case Study: Arlington Heights IL Kickboxing gyms uses Video to get Found in Searches.

Today, being found on search engines for martial arts and kickboxing related terms is not important it is vital!
Think about it.

If their is a family that is starting to think that kick boxing would be a great family activity and they will all get in shape together.
If someone they know already goes to a gym or martial arts school they may reach out to them for more info but they will also go online and start to search, even if they are not home!

Which means, many consumers are going online to make a judgment on who to give their hard earned dollars too.

So you want to rank you mixed martial arts or mma gyms on the first page of google? That is simply not enough!

In fact, let’s go back to our family.
Now that they are searching, what do they see?
A virtual sea of martial arts classes and schools to choose from on the first page. If you are listed 1 or 2 times on that first page you have only achieved 1 objective.

You see, the first page is all the market-share for people searching for that term kickboxing classes in Arlington Heights IL. Your next objective is to try to get as much of your virtual assets on that first page thus getting more of the clicks to your pages on the first page. Its far better to be listed 7 out of the 10 spots on the first page.

How do school owners do that for their schools and gyms?

It’s not hard at all! Many owners simply do not know how.

So, in this case study of a kickboxing gym near Arlington Heights IL they we used a site called to create a video for a specific class taught at their gym, Muay Thai kickboxing.
So on the page you see that they allow full customization of the video title description and you can include other HANDY things in the description.

Once you have a solid video set up and optimized for search in the engines, You simply promote the video on your social media accounts and places you can post about your school or gym. What happens next is cool and will help you reach the objective of having more than 1 or 2 positions.

The video page you built on a site like wisita will begin to also show up on page 1 thus giving you another spot on page on of the search engines.

In the end, earning more spots on page 1 gives you more share of the majority of the click for those searching for a kickboxing class.

In short, once you have your google plus local listing dialed in and your website on the first page for the terms you want to be found on. It’s time to go to the next level by getting multiple things to rank on page 1 for prospective students of your lessons to look at and be convinced to call or fill out your contact us forms.

Martial Arts Marketing using google plus

Using Google plus has not been as easy as Facebook when it comes to marketing for the school owner.

In rescent months I have been doing experiments with the connection between google + post URL to these properties., Google maps and you tube channels.

I found out that when a school is using all 3 of those elements the RIGHT way it can have Quick RESULTS. I mean faster results than I have seen from using some of the older techniques for web marketing schools.

In fact, I want to share with one nugget that alone can have great impact especially with your MAP placement if you already have a Google Map listing in the 7 pack. (The 7 pack is what appears on page one for a search like “Martial Arts classes CITY NAME”.)

First, if you do not have a Google + and map listing do a search for “Google my business” and set up an account. When you do you will have a chance to see if the listing already exists. This is a UBER important step. Check to make sure your dojo is not already listed. IF it is, then claim it. If not, Then proceed with the account creation set up process.

Now if you ALREADY have a Google+ and Google Maps listing….

Make a post on google plus…Here is an example with a you tube video promoting a school and a few other links as well as the name, address and phone number of the dojo.

Awesome Right! Ok so now after you make the post and grab the URL for the post, go to Facebook and post the URL there and ask others to share the post. If you have twitter make sure to tweet the post URL also. If you have social bookmarking sites or any other web properties that your martial arts school may have post the google + post URL.

BONUS TACTIC for the Savvy School Owner

Then, go to the post and in the upper right hand corner of the post you will see a arrow pointing down. Click it and you will see a drop-down menu, click “Embed Post” and you will get some code. Take that embed and put on some of your other social properties. In essence, your using these social channels to push up even more important pages or videos that you want to RANK on the first page of google and your using the most natural method and using googles products the way they intended for small businesses to use them.

You could use this posting strategy to promote your YELP listing, a martial arts press release  , video, website page or sites like yellow pages which may be underestimated and under utilized by martial arts schools having a hard time getting reviews to stick to yelp.

I hope this helps, if you like this information please make sure to check out our previous post on martial arts dojos using local Chamber sites

Chamber of Commerce sites

Chamber of Commerce Profile May be what you need. may just be THE Numero Uno Local site to be listed on!

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Manta listings work well for Martial Arts Schools is a web 2.0 property that focuses on local businesses. has been around for a while but they have recently made their platform much more friendly to the the Biz Owner, Consumer and the Big G Google!

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ARM Module: Popularity

Intro Video: Mat Chat: Note Coaching: Download the document here!

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