2 Martial Arts Marketing lesson from the Casey Anthony Trial

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of how the trial of Casey Anthony (for the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee) has been receiving worldwide attention.

According to Josh Benson of News Ramble, “Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry stated at one point in court that Anthony’s trial might “even dwarf” the coverage of the so-called “trail of the century,” the first OJ Simpson trial — in the last century.”

That would be a serious feat.

According to an article published by TruTV:

“An incredible 91% of the television viewing audience watched it and an unbelievable 142 million people listened on radio and watched television as the verdict was delivered.
One study estimated that U.S. industry lost more than $25 billion as workers turned away from their jobs to follow the trial.

2000 reporters covered the trial.

121 video feeds snaked out of the Criminal Courts building where it was held.

There were over 80 miles of cable servicing 19 television stations and eight radio stations.

23 newspaper and magazines were represented throughout the trial, the Los Angeles Times itself publishing over 1000 articles throughout the period.

Over 80 books and thousands of articles have already been published, authored seemingly by everyone with any role in the trial.”

Pretty astounding, if you think about it.

As someone who has stayed up-to-date on much of the Anthony Trial, I find the process by which the prosecution presents their evidence most interesting.

Since effective Martial Arts Marketing always includes the use of proof elements (evidence), there’s a lot we can learn from studying the methods used behind the prosecution’s presentation of evidence.

Let’s quickly cover two:

First, note, how every claim the prosecution makes is backed up with proof.  And, in many cases, an over-abundance of proof.

This can be applied to your Martial Arts marketing by including proof of how you have already helped students feel their best, develop strong character & Learn quality martial arts instruction (i.e. student testimonials, case studies, before and after shots, Statistics, student of the week, etc.).

Like in the court of law, the more proof the better.

Do not OVERLOOK the importance of PROOF.

Not only for sealing the case to enroll in your school, but to also reinforce the REASON WHY your current students enrolled. (YOUR STUDENTS LOSE SIGHT OF THEIR GOALS MORE OFTEN THAN YOU THINK – Think about how many times you lose track of YOUR goals in a year and multipy that 20 to see what your STUDENTS are going through).()

Second, if you study the order of evidence presented you’ll notice the most powerful proof element is presented first; the second most powerful presented last.

This is because of the Principle of Primacy and Recency which says: we most remember information presented earliest and latest.

This can easily be applied to your martial arts marketing by making sure when using bullet points that the most important point goes in the first bullet, and the second most important point goes in the last bullet.

Apply this to every communication to staff, students & prospects!

As well, when presenting the benefits of martial arts lessons with you in your school, be sure to cover the most appealing benefit first, and the second most appealing, last.

This will ensure that your most important points really stick with prospective Students.




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In your Corner,

Dion Riccardo

SOS – Co Founder

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