3 Insidious Martial Arts Marketing LIES!

liesI hope you haven’t bought-into or convinced yourself of any of these little devious martial arts marketing white-lies.

Because, one of the two biggest reasons for school failure is lack of martial arts marketing systems, these small lies you tell yourself can add up to BIG trouble for your martial arts school.

So, as I cover these insidious lies, be honest with yourself and ask if you’ve been telling yourself any of these:

Martial Ats Marketing LIE #1: “My budget’s way to small.”

This is a mindset many school owners mistakenly possess… that’s built on the idea that your martial arts marketing is an expense.

Really… your martial arts marketing is NOT an expense. It’s an investment, when done right, that will bring you back more money.

Your school lighting… that’s an expense.

Your air conditioning… that’s an expense.

Your martial arts marketing… that’s an investment.

And, when you see your marketing as an investment… one that brings you a positive ROI (if you’re doing it correctly)… you should realize that the goal is to invest as much as possible. In other words, if every time you invest $1, you make back $2, you should be doing that everyday, all day.

If your marketing is NOT bringing you back a positive return on your investment, that’s a sign that you’re simply not using the correct direct response marketing principles in your marketing and advertising efforts. Which leads me to the next Martial Arts Marketing Lie…

Martial Arts Marketing LIE #2: “Marketing doesn’t work for me.”

Of course marketing works. That’s why it’s a billion-dollar industry.

The key, though, is that whenever you do advertise or market your school, that you’re using time-tested, proven direct response marketing principles, and not just following the herd of what other martial arts school owners are doing.

In fact, let me be completely frank for a second…

Following what the average martial arts school owner is doing to try and build their school, will only get you what the average school owner is currently getting. And, right now, I have to believe that’s NOT what you want. If you do what the average does, you’ll continue to get what the average gets. And, again, right now that’s very little.

According to Earl Nightingale, anytime you’re in an industry where there aren’t many successful examples, you should do the OPPOSITE of what everybody else in the marketplace is doing.

For many school owners, using proper direct response marketing principles in their martial arts marketing efforts is quite a stretch and gets them out of their comfort zone. But, most of the time, remaining in your comfort zone is the exact thing that holds you back. Often, it’s the things you’re most uncomfortable with that are the exact things you should be doing to grow your school.


Not all martial arts marketing works. In fact, most marital arts marketing doesn’t work. That’s because it’s not persuasive, not attention-getting, and doesn’t convey any benefits of what sets the typical school apart.

BUT… properly done martial arts marketing that does convey all of those things, will create a steady, consistent stream of new students and cash flow to you. It will.

Martial Arts Marketing LIE #3: “There’s no time for marketing.”

Marketing your martial arts school is the lifeblood of your school. It’s THE thing that will get you new students and keep your current students coming back for months and months and years.

The marketing of your school should be viewed similar to the way you view eating for health and wellness. In order for your body to thrive it needs good nutrition and to be fed on a regular basis. You would say, “I don’t have time to eat” or “Eating isn’t important to my body”. We certainly know the outcome of that type of thinking.

Fact of the matter is, the school owners who give their marketing the proper amount of time and attention, combined with the proper direct response marketing principles, are the ones experiencing the greatest school growth and increase in cash flow.

Your takeaway: you absolutely, positively MUST… MUST… give your martial arts school marketing the time and attention it deserves and needs.

And, so… there you have it… 3 of the tiny white-lies many martial arts school owners tell themselves that hold them back from every experiencing the big consistent growth they long for. Don’t make that same mistake.

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