6 Tips for a More Powerful Professional Appearance

As martial arts instructors, shouldn’t the most overriding concern for a potential student be how skilled is the instructor? It’s not how we look that should be the most important factor, right?

While skill in your chosen art is essential; your ability present yourself as a professional and communicate that to a prospective student is vital.  If your plan is to have a professional martial arts school, then you need to look the part.

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and he has blue spiked hair, a dog collar around his neck and a tattoo on his neck saying, “You got the disease, I got the cure”.

Or maybe you are on a plane getting ready to fly to Hawaii. The pilot and co-pilot come aboard. The pilot has a mohawk, three day growth of beard, his uniform consists on his white dress shirt with the sleeves torn off, revealing arms that are so tattooed they look like a billboard.

Pretty picture, right? Are you going to question their effectiveness in their chosen profession?

Here’s the thing, if they want to dress like that in their private life, more power to them. If they are going to represent a company in any capacity as a professional, they should look the part.

This is a Martial Arts Professional "N0-NO"

When a soccer mom, a business executive or a fellow business owner walks through your door will they feel secure because of your professional appearance? Make no mistake, they brand new person

will not care how highly you are ranked, how many tournaments you have won or any thing else related to what you have done?

They are looking at

you and how you present yourself. Period.

Want to make sure that you are presenting yourself as a professional martial artist? Here are some things to consider:

Well-groomed hair

A professional instructor should not have “out of control” hair style, outlandish colors etc.  If you have facial hair, make sure that it is well-groomed also.

No Flashy Body Piercings

Many people have piercings other than their ears, it should be up to the discretion of the owner as to what is appropriate while teaching.


If an instructor has tattoos, especially ones that may raise eyebrows among young students and their parents, cover them while teaching.

Dress Professionally

When not in your uniform, dress in a collared shirt and a pair of khakis or nice jeans.

Speak like a Professional

When speaking to students, parents, or prospective students avoid using slang terms.

Professional Conduct

Mocking, teasing, etc a student, parent or co-worker has no place in the dojo. Remember, you are a mentor to the students and they will look to you for advice as well as how to conduct themselves. Show them what it means to be a Black Belt!



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In your Corner,

Dion Riccardo

SOS – Co Founder

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