A Profound Martial Arts Marketing Secret…

Martial Arts marketing - Martial Arts BusinessCaptain John Rade, a legendary fisherman from Montauk, NY, is known for his amazing ability to out-fish every commercial fisherman in his area.

His secret contains a profound lesson for school owners.

Grasp this… Captain John’s secret… and there’s no doubt you’ll mutiply the number of new Students coming into your school every month.

Captain John is a commercial fisherman. He’s also known as a Pin Hooker, the rarest of all fisherman.

While other commercial fisherman are using big nets to bring in their daily catches, Captain John is out there with nothing more than a rod and reel.

He doesn’t use any of the tools the other commercial fisherman use.

No nets. No giant trollers. No crews of five or six fisherman.

He simply goes out on a little motorboat with a rod and reel… and out-catches every other fisherman by multiples.

In fact, on any given day, on the same exact body of water, Captain John will regularly catch more striped bass than 10 commercial fisherman COMBINED!

So, how does he do it you’re wondering?

Well, when asked exactly that by a local news reporter, he said something profound.

He said, “When most fisherman go out on the water they think like a fisherman. When I go out I think like a fish.”


The implication of that answer for School Owners is HUUUUUUGE.

Let me break it down for you:

When it comes to marketing and trying to attract prospective Students, most school owners think and market from a SCHOOL OWNERS’s perspective.

Most design their marketing materials from the perspective of a school owner and NOT from the perspective of a potential martial arts student.

In other words, most school owners are thinking about themselves and their practice when they advertise. They’re NOT thinking about what prospective students are looking for, want, need, and desire.

You see, martial arts marketing  is very similar to fishing.

You have to know your target and know what they’re looking for so you can use the correct bait to attract them.

When fishing, it’s not about what you want to use as bait. It’s completely about what your target fish is looking for. And then using THAT as bait.

This is why the most effective martial arts marketing materials are totally focused on solving the prospective students’s problem or need, and NOT… NOT… about the school itself.

In essence, the most effective martial arts school marketing materials are not even marketing the school at all. They’re marketing the solution to a prospective students’s problem. Period.


Because that’s what most prospective student’s are looking for and want.

here’s what adult’s want…

*They want to know how to choose the right martial arts school.
* They want their pain eliminated.
* They want their energy boosted.
* They want to feel confident.
* They want to feel their best.
* They want to know that their child has an advantage to succeed.
*They want to feel challenged again
*They want to have fun
*They want to feel toatally engaged in something to free their mind from stress.

Here’s what Parents want…

*They want to know How to choose a martial arts school
*They want their child to have an advantage over others.
*They want to feel proud of their child
*They want feel that heir child will not be a victim.
* They want know that their child will make right choices in life
* They want their child to have a positive outlet for energy so that they sleep well and parents can have some “ME” time when they go to bed.

An overwhelming majority of prospective students are NOT looking for a school. They’re looking for a solution to their problem.

If you try to advertise and market your school, you’re trying to attract them with the wrong bait.

Instead, market the solution to their problem.

Market confidence.
Market the result of being in shape
Market stress relief
Market giving a child strong advantages in life
Market Life lessons that help children make good choices
Market How to find the martial arts school and avoid the hassle of doing the home work.

And the best way to do this is with free information… like a free online video… that educates them on why martial arts training is the best solution to their specific need.

(This is what we do for school owners with the Martial Arts Dashboard. Check it out here: http://www.schoolownersecrets.com/dashboard/

The reason why this approach to martial arts marketing works so well is threefold:

1. It allows you to use marketing materials that are totally and completely focused on the prospective student. Remember, the average prospective student is solely interested in finding and getting the best and most effective solution to their problem. They’re not interested in you or your school. At least not righ now. And, so you need to make sure your marketing focuses on them, exactly what THEY WANT, and answers the question of “What’s In It For Me”.

2. When you offer free educational videos tailored to the specific problem prospective students want solved, you’re able to identify exactly who the interested prospective students are, so you can do targeted, benefit-focused follow-up with them. Remember, when it comes to martial arts marketing; the fortune is in the follow-up. (This is automated with the Martial Arts Dashboard. Check it out here:http://www.schoolownersecrets.com/dashboard/ )

3. With free videos tailored to specific problems & Solutions, you’re able to deliver a much more targeted message that highlights the specific benefits prospective students want. In other words, if you have a video dedicated to educating people interested in Choosing The Right Martial Arts school, you can hit on the exact benefits those people want.

Here is the take away:

The more you can get into the mind of the different groups of prospective students, and better understand their needs and wants, the better you can tailor the bait to attract them into your school.

The effectiveness and power of your martial arts marketing totally comes down to YOU offering the most sought-after bait prospective students are hungry for.

As Captain John Rade would probably say… It’s all about thinking like a prospective student.

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