Advice To Martial Art School Owners About Technology

In 2011, when it comes to martial art school growth, technology is all the rage.

The internet… mobile… smart phones… online video and audio… Blogs…Facebook… Twitter… Linkden…and on it goes.

Seems like the quest for the shiny new “magic student-attraction button” is a never-ending endeavor for most martial art school owners.

And, even though there’s tremendous value in strategically (and properly) using the appropriate martial arts marketing tactics for your school, they are not… NOT… the most important aspect of your school growth game-plan.

So what is?

Well, I think author, Hugh MacLeod said it best in his fantastic book, Ignore Everybody…

“The people who trust you (and vice versa) are what will feed you and pay for your kids college. Nothing else.”

In other words, the most valuable thing you can have as a martial arts school owner is a herd of people who trust you fully as their success mentor.

Which is exactly why you should be sending regular goal setting, success building, fitness, health, wellness, fitness, and nutritional updates to your students, parents, and prospective sudents. That’s how you establish yourself as a trust-worthy resource.

And that positioning and reputation of being a TRUSTED RESOURCE should be protected and nurtured every week.

Like Hugh says, “Stop worrying about technology. Start worrying about the people who trust you.”

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