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If you answer yes to the following questions you qualify for our 90 day
Martial Arts business transformation program “The Boost” for FREE!

Answer YES or NO to the
following 3 Questions:

1. My school is currently making less than $100k in gross revenue per year.

2. I have limited funds for marketing to attract new prospective students.

3. My school has been stuck at around the same number of students or less for more than a year.

If you answered yes to 2 out of the 3 questions please read on…

Is Your School  Stuck in the SAME Place

it has been in for a while?

If you are that school owner that just can’t seem to

Breakthrough that “Barely Getting By” point…

Please Read this Post Carefully!


If you came to this post it means that you qualify to be 1 of 12 school owners to get our latest 90 day “Boost” coaching program for FREE!

Let me tell you a little bit about the Boost program before I tell you how to get it FREE.

The Boost coaching program is a 12 week Coaching and Action Program that GETS schools UNSTUCK from slow or no growth.

It also sets up systems in the school to give the owner more Balance, Free Time and the feeling of excitement for running your school again.

Wouldn’t that be nice!

Over 12 weeks of “Boost” coaching you will get:

1 weekly nuts & bolts “how to” video lesson in our boost coaching members area focusing on getting the phone ringing, attracting leads on the Internet, consistent referrals, building simple yet effective systems, and better % of leads converting into enrolled students.

2 live group coaching calls per week. One for q & a on weekly assignments and one call for tracking results.

Many “done for you” promotions,scripts, system templates, flyers, lead follow up sequences and more.

In the BOOST, we stand in your corner for 90 days and give you what you need to move your school into the next level of growth and shift you, the school owner into
A lifestyle that you feel is balanced and enjoy.

The BOOST Program Gets You Results FAST.

Your not going to be taught the same old stuff – we will share some of our easiest and fastest ways to get a school turned around quickly.

In fact, this 90 day model has worked for over 30 school owners in the past 3 years!

In the Boost Coaching Program your school will be transformed and pointed in the direction of growth without pain and actually fun.

Why Does The Boost Model Work-

This program was designed for a certain type of school owner with his/her school in a season of little or no growth.

Over the 90 days…

What makes the Boost Program unique is that it is a coaching and action program designed to do 2 things in 90 days:

Boost Enrollments to BREAK your current Plateau that your Monthly billing check is at with little or no cost.

Set up key Systems to make your life less stressful and more effective which will set up the school for more future growth.

The Boost Coaching Program process is Simple…

You will start by having a 30 min private phone Consultation to go over your schools specific needs.

Next, You will receive a video training module that will include 1-3 SIMPLE assignments and “Done for You” resources.

Then, twice a week you attend a group coaching calls to go over actions taken and clarify the weekly assignments and the other to go over stats to see results of our actions.

This process transforms schools in 90 days.

Why are we doing this?

At School Owner we have a mission to help 200 schools a year break the 150k mark and get back and enjoy life more.

We know that we are relatively the new kids on the block and want to prove our Model and Systems work for the under 100k schools that are still mainly operated by the owner and boy is that owner tired!

So, there it is … Here is how to get it FREE!

*** Please only read this next part if you seriously want your school to get out of it’s rut and you are ready to change the way you run your school to make it enjoyable again.

Here is how to get it absolutely FREE

From our list of over 5000 school owners we will accept the first 12 school owners to email my assistant to get the 90 day BOOST coaching program for FREE!

It’s that easy.

Email  Vanessa at
With the subject:

Boost coaching

*please include cell number, name and best time to reach you.

The spots will fill fast! We will NEVER offer this 90 Day Coaching Program again for FREE.

Do it now, you can be in a much brighter place 3 months from now as a result of this simple action.

Email Vanessa now.

In your Corner,

Dion Riccardo

Just to be clear there are no obligations – we are not requiring any money to get the boost program, but you will have to follow our curriculum and follow through on our easy assignments. If your willing to do that stop reading and email Vanessa now

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