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Chamber of Commerce may be the one missing Ingredient in your web marketing mix.

I know your thinking the Chamber of Commerce is way overpriced and long boring meetings.

What I am about to tell you is a Golden Nugget so pay attention to this…

Case Study

My partners and I opened up a new school and wanted to start ranking for about 25 keywords in about 3 months.

So my strategy was to get the most powerful local DO FOLLOW link that you we could get to be a cornerstone of Dominating the First page for those 25 money making keywords.

Most chambers will offer a great business web profile with lots of juicy features that help Martial Arts SEO.

It will set you back $250 to $500 BUT the features and the ease of ranking this property as well as the DO FOLLOW link back your school’s site- which is priceless since its a local authority site!

Once you have your link make sure that you take 2 hours to completely fill out the profile accurately and to its full capability, leave nothing blank if possible.

Think of it this way when filling out any profile such as and others.

Google will look at any webpage and all of the elements on this page and try to answer this question

“What is this page about?”

That is why when filling them out, we express to google both a wider concept of what the page is about KEYWORD + CITY then as we get into the content we mention the tighter phrases that our site is about such as “best martial arts classes in CITY”. ¬†Also, don’t forget to use synonyms for your keywords too. Also, its important to not OVER OPTIMIZE with the same keywords or STUFF your keywords.

Yes, you really have to take the time to right a good description of your school

Next, once your profile is built out and live now we promote it with Social!

Post the URL of the Chamber website to your fan page and any other Social media outlets you have and ask people to share and like the post. —Really important!

Lastly, You may want to post the URL to google + and any other web property that you may own for extra juice and add them at a rate of 1-2 per week till your page moves onto page 1.

To see the post on using another Authority property MANTA.COM to Dominate page 1 and get more students

Let me know if you want me to post more details or maybe even a tutorial on how to set up your school’s Chamber page – I also have some negotiating tips!

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