Conversion Code Part 2

School Owners…

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the “Conversion Code”.

If You missed Part 1 – Please Click Here First!

In today’s video, were going to dig a little deeper into the Sales Funnel
and also see why just slight tweaks to your funnel could result in HUGE
profit increases.

Watch the Video now


If you noticed in the video, I talked about “Stages”.

Let me give you an example…let’s say a prospect calls or submits a online inquiriy.

You contact them and set an appointment but they do not show up.
After 3 phone, text and email attempts to reschedule – you just can’t
get in touch with them again.

For most school owners, this prospects has reached the end of the road but for
the SAVVY school owner, this prospect will be put in the Unconverted Stage &
be sent a newsletter every month as well as “Special Offers” once a month.

You will be suprised how many of these types of prospects will funnel back & enroll
after 1-3 months after the initial contact.

If you just got 2-5 of these per month it could vastly change your
schools financial picture and the best part of it… it takes less than 1 minute
to take the prospect and put them into this “Stage” and the system you have
can do the rest.

Would getting 2-5 additional enrollments to your current amount of enrolls per month

You betcha!

In tomorrow’s video, part 3 will explain some more about the stages that already exist
in your school but aren’t getting any attention and how they can make a BIG Differnce
in your Profits at the end of the day.

Please leave me your comments or questions.

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3 Responses to “Conversion Code Part 2”

  1. Having these systems in place is vital for us as school owners. Once we have the prospects name and address plugged in we can market to them over and over.

    Having a list of qualified prospects who have already raised their hand and said they are interested in our services is infinitely more valuable than always putting out more ads in an effort to bring people in the door.

  2. Each month I sign students from all different stages of the sales funnel.

    My favorite stage is the “missed appointment stage”. When a lead misses there appointment and I cannot get a hold of them, I just take a minute and change their stage to “missed appointment”.

    Just this stage alone adds thousands to the bottom line of my school every year! Allowing me to increase my marking budget and get more prospects into my funnel.

    If a martial art school has a good LTV along with an automated sales funnel, it will have no choice but to grow.

  3. These stages have worked extremely well for me. I have been working the stages for 18 months now. Before I had too many leads fall through the cracks. Sadly, I can only guess how many leads I lost. Now, with the stage system every single lead is worked and tracked. I can tell you exactly where they came from, why I lost or sold them a membership in my school.
    Paul Keller
    Family Martial Arts Academy
    Beaverton, Oregon