Conversion Code Part 3

Hey School Owners,

In this next video, were going to talk about some of the crucial groups & Stages
that you should be communicating with on a regular basis that will attract:

New Enrollments
Reactivate Past Students
Convert missed Leads & Prospects
Referral Partners
and More…


Remember, the goal is to get more enrollments out of the Prospect & Leads that
your already getting without spending additonal money.

Think about this, if you are converting more enrollments out of the Prospects that
you are already getting than what’s gonna happen when you start adding more
prospects to your funnel. Your not wasting money!

You are getting more out of every dollar spent.

We have all been taught that you need to have a system for getting new Prospects.

We have all been taught that we need to have a SALES system to make enrollments.

But, what we have not been taught is that we have to have a system to WARM up
prospects until they are ready to buy.

35% of our Enrollments in my 6 schools come from these Warm leads 1-3 months after the first contact.

So if we get 20 enrollments in a month, that means 5-7 came from these WARM prospects
that we follow up on regularly.

If we did not have that in place, it would mean only 13 enrollments instead of
20 for that month. Big Difference!

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have 120 spots open for it.

BTW – Here are the link to the 2 previous video if you have not viewed them yet:

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3 Responses to “Conversion Code Part 3”

  1. Another great video, Dion!

    Once again you drive home the importance of staying in touch with our prospects, past members and our circle of influence.

    Recently I was speaking with another business owner in town, he told me how much he loved the monthly e-newsletter he receives from me and forwards it to his clients who he believes might be interested in martial arts.

    That, I believe, is exactly why we should be doing this type of marketing!

  2. Dion this is again right on target. Using the automated system with a few personal tweaks has allowed me to maintain positive contact with my leads. Some eventually, when they are ready, and with the right offer will make the commitment to enroll. The key that I didn’t have before is in the follow up and over time gaining my future students trust and confidence to come abroad. Each time essentially telling them that I want them as a student and that they can make the journey with that first step.

    I am looking forward to the Webinar. I have been using the system, but recently learned another tweak to help with keeping them in once they come abroad.

    Paul Keller
    Family Martial Arts Academy
    Beaverton, OR

  3. If a school is capitalizing on all of its warm leads and current students through “educational marketing” it will sign about 30% more students a month, and will also have a higher life time value for each student. This will allow the school owner to pump more money in to marketing and dominate its area! All of the schools that don’t have a system pulling people out of their current stages will be left behind.
    Personalized text messages, emails, videos, are some of the ways that drive people down the funnel to enroll. These techniques will be used to keep current students, get referrals, and develop your new instructors. Schools that use these techniques through an automated system will have a much higher LTV and will continue to grow.