Conversion Code Webinar Replay

Hey Guys,

Let me explain – Had some serious weather here on Friday and Part of  Saturday that knocked out the internet till now (one of the only down falls living in the country – but it is nice and quiet).

The funny part is that i sat there both times and did the webinar not knowing I was down and the better news is that I recorded it.

So For those of you who came to the webinar and sat there and nothing happened – Please forgive me, but mother nature did not want to cooperate and there was no way to let you guys know.

So, because some of you probably sat there for a while and got p*&^% OFF that nothing was happening – I want to make it up to you.

Below the Webinar video you will find  a ” please don’t be P%$$% OFF at me Gift!  Be cool and cut me some slack.

Ok, without further delay here is the Finale of the conversion code… Please Bookmark this page to come back later!

If your interested in the Resource I mentioned in the webinar click the link below:
Put your Slaes Funnel on Auto – Pilot!

And here is your FREE course for being cool… ” How to Write Influential Sales Copy”

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