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Currently The Martial Arts Dashboard Is Unavailable to the Public.

( That's Right, The Martial Arts Dashboard Has Been Updated With a Ton of New Features and Enhancements...Please Read On To See How The Dashboard Brings You More Students Every Month On Auto-Pilot! )

Read This Very Carefully�

Introducing The

�Martial Arts Dashboard��

The First And Only Fully Automated Marketing Machine EXCLUSIVELY For School Owners Guaranteed To Get You An ONGOING FLOOD Of New Students, Retain the Ones you Got and Bring You Good Ol� Fashioned Cold Hard Cash�
If You Read Nothing Else, READ THIS:
The 12 Martial Arts Business-Building Activities You DON'T Have To Worry About Ever Again...
...Because The Martial Arts Dashboard
Does Them For You:

1. You DON'T have to worry about how you're going to get new martial arts leads every month anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

2. You DON'T have to worry about following-up with your martial arts leads anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

3. You DON'T have to worry about how you're going to convert martial arts leads into paying customers anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

4. You DON'T have to worry about reminding students and leads about appointments anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

5. You DON'T have to worry about how you're going to get martial arts referrals every month. The Martial Arts Dashboard gets them for you!

6. You DON'T have to worry about networking with local business owners to get your name out there anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

7. You DON'T have to worry about reactivating students who haven't been into class in a while. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

8. You DON'T have to worry about showing students and parents the value of having their martial arts training with you. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

9. You DON'T have to worry about how you're going to stay in contact with your students every month anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

10. You DON'T have to worry about remembering to send your students birthday cards anymore. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

11. You DON'T have to worry about having new marketing materials designed for your martial arts business. The Martial Arts Dashboard gives you everything!

12. You DON'T have to worry about how you're going to build a thriving martial arts business. The Martial Arts Dashboard does it for you!

Generating Leads & Acquiring New Students With Multi-Media Video Technology... Even If You Don't Know Anything About Computers!
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Turning Prospective Students Into Paying Students... Even If They've Already Been Into Your Office And Didn't Get Started With Care!
Video #3:

Getting New Students Started With 'Welcome Videos' So They Understand The Real Value Of The Martial Arts And Stick With Their Training & Refer All Of Their Family And Friends To Your School For Training!
Video #4:

Using Audio Postcards And Video To Make Sure None Of Your Students 'Fall Off' Their Training... And How To Bring Back The Students Who Already Have!
Video #5:

Makes You The Only Martial Arts School In Your Area Contacting Thousands Of People Every Month  On Total Autopilot With A Multi-Media Newsletter Of Videos, Articles, & Audios!
Video #6:

Educating Students, Prospective Students, Business Associates, & Family With Your Very Own Monthly �Black Belt Messenger� Audio Program.. Done For You On Complete Autopilot!
Video #7:

Generating Tons Of Networking Partners For You & Making You The Most Popular And Well-Known Martial Artists In Your Area With The Multi-Media 'Golden Ticket' Networking & Referral System!
Video #8:

Building You A Loyal, Dedicated Following Of Students, Parents And Networking Partners!!
Video #9:

What To Do Now To Put The Martial Arts Dashboard To Work Turning You Into A Super-Wealthy Martial Arts Owner!
Start Growing Your School TODAY!

And, You DON�T NEED Any Special Computer

Skills To See The Martial Arts Dashboard

Bring Make you More MONEY and have More TIME OFF!

�   You DON'T need... any special computer skills!

�   You DON'T need... a special computer, hardware or software!

�   You DON'T need... an existing website!

�   You DON'T need... a dedicated marketing person!

�   You DON'T need... to offer a certain type of Martial Arts Style!

�   You DON'T need.... a current list of email addresses!

�   ...the Martial Arts Marketing Technology does almost all of the work for you...

Grow Your School On Complete Autopilot

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any students' email addresses.

Can I still use the Martial Arts Dashboard?

Answer: Yes, even without any students' email addresses right now you can still use the Martial Arts Dashboard. In fact, many of our Dashboard Owners started with absolutely no email addresses whatsoever.  With a simple technique you'll see almost immediately after you sign-up, the Dashboard can automate the collecting of email addresses for you.

Get Started Today

Does the Martial Arts Dashboard send out SPAM?

Answer: Not at all! We hate SPAM as much as you.  The entire Martial Arts Dashboard is completely CAN-SPAM Compliant, which means it meets all of the regulations required to be legitimate, fully-approved email contact.  As well, students and recipients can remove themselves from receiving additional contacts with one click of the mouse.

Get Up To 11 New Students Leads Every Month

I don't think a lot of my students use email.

Will the Martial Arts Dashboard still work for me?

Answer: Yes, because there are a lot more people using email everyday than we typically realize.  According to the Pew Research Center, over 70% of adults are using the Internet, which represents over 141 million people.  91% of those people read and send email.  So, there's no doubt that a majority of students in any martial arts school are using email... most every single day.

Communicate With Your Students At No Cost

Do I need a special computer to use the Martial Arts Dashboard?

Answer: Not at all.  You don't need any kind of special computer set-up.  The Martial Arts Dashboard is hosted on our private servers for you, so as long as you have Internet access (even dial-up) you can still have the Martial Arts Dashboard go to work for you building your practice on autopilot.

Put Your School Growth On Total Autopilot

I'm not savvy with the computer.

Can I still use the Martial Arts Dashboard?

Answer: Yes, because 98% of the work is already been done for you.  If you, or someone on your staff, can type in an email address you can use the entire Martial Arts Dashboard.  It's that simple!

Growing Your School Is Now Simple - Click Here

Can I make changes to the content within the Martial Arts Dashboard?

Answer:  Absolutely.  You have full editorial control over all of the emails that go out with your Martial Arts Dashboard.  This way, if you want to make some changes at any time, you can.  As well, you can add, delete and maneuver emails around however you'd like.  This way all of the contacts can perfectly represent you, if you want to make some changes.

You Can Stop Worrying About How To Get Students

New Martial Arts Business-Building Dashboard allows you to accomplish many hours of essential marketing tasks in just minutes. It�s like hiring an expert marketing team to do the work for you. The MA Dashboard combines a systematic approach to lead follow up and expert messaging to generate results that you may have only dreamt about� until now.

~Joe Galea

Member Solutions President
How Much Would You Pay To Have The
Martial Arts Dashboard Put All Of
Your Marketing & Business-Building On
Total Autopilot Using The Latest Technologies???

Okay, okay.  You're convinced the Martial Arts Dashboard is the best thing since sliced bread.  So, how much is it going to cost you?  Tell you what, why don't YOU decide what its worth?

�         What price tag would YOU place on something that will get you new students, educate your students, retain your students, get you referrals, get you networking partners and more?

�         What price tag would YOU place on something that will do all of your marketing and business-building for you?

I know you can easily see that the Martial Arts Dashboard is invaluable to you.

Just do the math. Lets just say you get only one new student from each of the 3 New Student Video Systems that come with the Dashboard.  And, let's say every other system in your Dashboard does absolutely nothing.

If each new student was only worth $2000 to you, that means the Dashboard would be worth $6,000.00 of extra cash flow to you. 

Get New Students Today!

And that's if you only got 1 new student from just each of the 3 new student video systems you get with the Dashboard!  How much would the Martial Arts Dashboard be worth to you if each of the 3 new student video systems brought you a new student every month AND all the other Dashboard systems work to keep your students coming back, referring new people to you, and so on...

You can see why the Martial Arts Dashboard can easily have a HUGE effect on your business and income!

We could easily charge $399.00 a month for the Dashboard and it would be a bargain for you.   It's easily worth that and much more.

But, we've got a very special reason why we're going to give it to you to for just $299 $179 bucks today and then $179 bucks a month.

Participate In "THE LAST" Of The Beta-Test For The Martial Arts Dashboard & Here's What You Get...

We've recently completed SOLD-OUT of PHASE 2 of beta-testing with martial arts school owners in three countries. And, the reviews have been nothing short of outstanding. But...

Because we have a handful of additional systems, components, and new technologies we are going to be adding to the Martial Arts Dashboard, we want to allow you in the FINAL PHASE of our Beta-Test.  We want you to put the Dashboard and all of the new components through the ringer for us before we raise the price and roll it out in a big way. 

So, because we're looking for 37 more Beta-Testers for our PHASE 3 stage of development, you get the entire Dashboard for just $499.00 $179 bucks today and just $249.00 $179 a month, if you qualify.

Please keep in mind, school owners who miss out on this PHASE 3 Beta-Test will be paying $300 to $399 a month.

So, to say you're getting an unbelievable deal here, is a massive understatement!

We Only Have Until 12:00 AM June 14th 2008!

Are YOU Going To Be One Of The School Owners Who Are Going To Have A Breakthrough in 2008?

But, There Is A Catch To All Of This

You must qualify to use this system!.

If you're unwilling to really use the Dashboard, put it to the test, then share your feedback with one of our staff members during a 15-minute conference call after 6-weeks of use, you do NOT qualify for this PHASE 3 of Beta-Testing.

Quite honestly, we're fine with passing up on your $299 $179.00 fee, and we'd much rather save your spot for another school owner who will really maximize the benefits of the Dashboard.

However, if you're willing to really put it to the test, share your feedback, and you see the immense value and this insane opportunity, we highly advise you to grab your Dashboard and spot in the Beta-Test right now.

Please keep in mind, come 12:00 AM,  June 14th, 2008 you will NOT be able to get the Dashboard at the beta-test rate of just $179.00!

However, if you're willing to really put it to the test, share your feedback, and you see the immense value of this insane opportunity, we highly advise you to grab your Dashboard at this price right now.

Become One Of These Elite School Owners without having to pay the premium price!

We're Only Allowing One School Per
Region To Use The Martial Arts Dashboard!

And, above and beyond the Beta-Test, the fact is:  if you procrastinate on grabbing your Dashboard, you may get locked out forever.  Here's why...

Use of the Martial Arts Dashboard is limited to just 1 martial arts school per zip code.  You own your zip code and region as long as you remain a user of the Dashboard.  Which means, you don't have to worry about anyone else in your area using the same marketing videos, audios, systems, etc. You'll be the only martial arts school permitted.

But, that also means, if you procrastinate and don't get your Dashboard today, it's possible another school owner in your area can come along later today and lock up your area.  Once that happens, you'll have to go on the waiting list, if and when, your zip code ever becomes available again.

Also, you are under no obligation or long-term contract to keep using the Martial Arts Dashboard.  If at anytime you want to cancel, just contact our office. You must allow 30 days for cancelation.

It's just that easy because we know other school owners will be waiting to take your spot. 

Duane Brumitt and Dion Riccardo do it again!

Not only does Duane and Dion take an innovative and creative idea and make it the best in the market, this time they blows it into the stratosphere! The professional image the Dashboard presents to a potential student is nothing short of first class.

This program will make your staff have the horsepower of twenty supercharged motivated and efficient school directors.

Duane and Dion have designed something so hands free that it will work 24/7 to make you and your school a success.

I promise the Dashboard will make a small school owner a lean mean lead generating and follow up machine.

If you can't make this work for you and your school then providing the highest level of service to your students and the community is not a priority.

My hats off to this innovative team of creative titans! Sign me up!!!

~Brent Tibbetts
3-Tigers Martial Arts
You Can Cancel Anytime
You truly have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action today and getting your Martial Arts Dashboard. Now, the next move is up to you...
So, Let's Just Recap Everything
You Get With Your Martial Arts Dashboard...
Professionally Designed and hosted Direct Response Martial Arts Website System fully branded with your picture and contact information everywhere, and fully optimized to allow for quality search engine ranking!
$ 1,298.00
3 Automated Martial Arts Student Attraction Video Systems (once DVDs) that generate new students, leads and appointments.

�   Multi-Media Parent/Child Student-Attraction Video System

�   Multi-Media Adult Male Student-Attraction Video System 

�   Multi-Media Adult Female Student-Attraction Video System 
$ 1,776.00
Over 25 Pre-Done Martial Arts Student Attraction Marketing Materials (for all of the different multi-media systems), including ready-to-use small space ads, postcards, letters, press releases, flyers and more.
$ 197.00

Two 4-part New Martial Arts Student Welcome Video System that increases initial compliance and stimulates referrals

$ 4,197.00
7-part Multi-media Martial Arts Student MIA System including email follow-up with audio postcard and video 
$ 996.00
4-part Multi-media Unconverted Martial Arts Lead Conversion System including email follow-up, audio postcard and video 
$ 796.00

Automated Birthday eCard System, and holiday card program 

$ 196.00
Over 7 Martial Arts Promotional eCards for specific conditions and overcoming objections, that you can use as often as you�d like at no additional charge whatsoever.
$ 196.00
On-going monthly Done-For-You Networking using the Golden Ticket Networking program
$ 296.00
Your own monthly Black Belt Messenger student education audio program
$ 596.00
Multi-media Black Belt Living Martial Arts Newsletter including the monthly Martial Arts Commercial
$ 996.00
Viral Martial Arts Referral Generation System throughout every contact in your system that works 24/7 for you 
$ 496.00
Automated Student Appointment Reminder System that decreases no-shows 
$ 296.00
Unlimited Email Promotions to any and every segment of your list 
$ 240.00
Zip code Exclusivity & No Contract
$ 292.00
Total Value $12,864.00

Your Price $3997

Last Chance Offer:
The Martial Arts Dashboard
$299.00 Today & $299.00 A Month
$249 Today & $249 A Month

Final Price Until Midnight JUNE 14th 2008�
Only $179 Per Month

You Have A Choice To Make Today
Maybe For The First Time In Your Life

a.) You can continue on trying to build your martial arts school the way you've been and hope that something will change on its own. Someday you may build a school which will support you with the income and lifestyle you and your family deserve.


b.) You can make the same decision which one hundred other school owners have made and that is to let the Martial Arts Dashboard build your school and grow your income for you... all on autopilot.  Let the Martial Arts Dashboard finally give you the business, income and lifestyle you've always wanted... as a respected Martial Artist!

Which is it?
        Yes, Dion & Duane! I'm Ready To Have The Martial Arts Dashboard Get Me New Martial Arts Students Every Month, Keep My Students Coming Back To My School, Reactivate My MIA Students, And Do My Networking For Me All Without Me Having To Do Anything  - 100% Guaranteed!

I'd be crazy to pass up on the opportunity to have all of the annoying marketing and business-building stuff done for me for just $179.00 bucks today and $179.00 a month. 

Get Your Martial Arts Dashboard Now>>>
Please don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers and let a competitor in your community grab YOUR spot!

While this is fresh in your mind and before you set this aside enroll now. Each moment you delay significantly increases the chance your area will be taken and you'll be left on the sidelines.
Don't put this off!  You just might be the next millionaire martial arts school owner!

Dion Riccardo & Duane Brumitt
More Martial Arts Students, Inc.

P.S. Remember, only one school per zip code will be allowed to use the Martial Arts Dashboard.  If one of your competitors has already taken your zip code, you'll be notified immediately and refunded completely. If your zip code is still available, now's your chance to lock up your area and prevent any other local schools from using the Martial Arts Dashboard.
From the minute I saw...

The Martial Arts Business Building Dashboard,

I knew I had to get on board ASAP!

The concept is "off the hook"! The timing was perfect, I just opened a full time location.

Ron Dupuis
Windsor Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Windsor ON.