Did Sales Copywritting Die?

Is copywriting dead?

I’ve been thinking about this lately
because I haven’t written a traditional
salesletter in years.

Many of my copywriting friends haven’t
written any salesletters either.

Here’s what I HAVE been writing a lot of
in the past two years.

1. Video commercial for my programs scripts

2. Sales, Phone and Upgrade scripts

3. Special Promotion and event video scripts

Scripts, scripts, scripts and more

Other than this post, I find
myself writing mostly scripts in my


Why Is This News Important For You?

As a marketers of Martial Arts , things are a chang’in!

Now, more than ever, new modes of
marketing are becoming ever more

Marketer’s are moving more and more
towards “Education-Based Marketing”
methods, which require different ways to
educate prospects.

Instead of the long form salesletters,
which repulse some people, marketers are
adopting educational messages that are
delivered in…

1. Special Reports

2. Blog Posts

3. Emails

4. Video messages

5. Facebook Posts

6. etc…

To create this type of marketing
material you need to be able to write
great copy that educates and softly
sells people on your offering.

You don’t have to be a rockstar
copywriter, you just need to follow a
simple formula.


Here’s the Secret Formula…

Okay, here’s the copywriting formula
I’ve used for years to write all my
Education-Based Marketing materials.

Step 1 – Call out to your target market
in your title

Step 2 – Talk about the importance and
benefits of your subject.

Step 3 – Point out some of the common
problems and struggles people experience
trying to achieve those benefits.

Step 4 – Make it worse by explaining the
consequences of these problems.

Step 5 – Introduce the solution.

Step 6 – Give a case study or story
about how the solution solved the

Step 7 – Explain why the solution is so
powerful and different.

Step 8 – Explain the painstaking steps
to implement the solution.

Step 9 – Introduce your product or
service that eliminates those
painstaking steps and achieves the
benefits of the solution.

Step 10 – Explain the specific benefits
of your product.

Step 11 – Give a few case studies of how
people have successfully used your

Step 12 – Tell the audience what the
next step is that they should take
(whether that’s to buy something or to
contact you.)

Step 13 – Explain to people the cost and
consequences of doing nothing to solve
the problem.

Step 14 – Reiterate the next step.

Whew! Okay, that’s the formula. It seems
kind of involved, but it’s really quite
simple when you follow it.

I would print out these steps and post them by your workstation.

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Here’s a Condensed Formula (in case your skimming)

A condensed version could just be giving
a few case studies using the P-S-R-O

P – Problem (Explain the problem)
S – Solution (Give the solution)
R – Results (State the results)
O – Offer (Make the offer)

I’ve used the PSRO Formula in a LOT of my
marketing materials with great success.


Born Again – Copywritting – The Next Generation

With the rise of Education-Based
Marketing there seems to be a rebirth of

The old, in-your-face, hype-filled copy
is going away and new educational copy
is replacing it.

I think it’s a welcome and refreshing

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that attracts peoples to you and get’s their
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