This is a sample of what’s inside of SOS insiders club. Business Wisdom Briefs is a distilled action plan from the top business books so that YOU don’t have to read them. You only get the actionable items from these book summaries.


Identify every point of contact, and every purpose for contact between your customers and your company.
Schedule a weekly ‘contact improvement meeting’ to continually brainstorm and discuss ways to improve each and every contact.
Adopt this job description for your customer service team: “Make the customers happy. Make the prospects happy. Make each other happy.”
Prepare a list of questions and statements for customer service reps to use that include questions about the customer’s situation and needs, statements about your company and your products, and ways of asking for the sale.
Give things you already do special names — e.g. if you want your customer service reps to get to know your clients, you’re going to want to have them ask questions, right? Well, if you’re in the B2B space for example, why not call it the “5 Minute Business Breakthrough Assessment”. Then your customer service rep can say, “It sounds to me like you could benefit from our ‘5 Minute Business Breakthrough Assessment’ that my boss prepared… do you have 5 minutes to learn how we can make or save you thousands of dollars?”.
Schedule a meeting to brainstorm all the products and services you can deliver QUICKLY, SIMPLY AND EASILY by extending, separating, or leveraging your current products and knowledge.
Identify your new customer’s honeymoon period, and find a way to activate the referral during that specific period in time. Make it irresistable.
Automate the request for testimonials… and when you get one, give the client a call to say thank-you and to introduce them to your referral program.
Initiate awareness of the need to refer even before a person becomes a customer.
Consider allowing customers and partners to EXTEND your product offering with 3rd-party content or services.
Develop a product for potential partners to give away — something that makes THEM money.
Schedule a brainstorming meeting identify a special experience you can give to your new customers. Pick ONE cool idea and implement it EXCEPTIONALLY well.

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