Facebook Advertising for Martial Art School Owners Post

Thank you to all the school owners who attended the Facebook Advertising for Martial Art Schools.

We had a great time putting this together for the industry. Just as a reminder we will be updating this training over the next 6 months due to the speed that things change on the internet.

Also we will be hosting the live bonus training Friday, March 12th at 1pm EST.

Please comment about the Facebook webinar that we did today in the comments section below this post.

ATTENTION school owners that have not invested in this training yet I encourage you to get it before Monday when the price goes up.

You might be wondering what you get in this training so let me tell you.

1. You get the 1hr and 23min webinar were we walk you through step by step on how to step up an ad.

2.Setting up a new ad campaign

3. Creating your ad

4. Targeting your audience

5. Setting your budget

6. Analyzing your performance

7. All of the juicy details in between like… how to niche your advertising for much better results, how to choose your proper geographic location, how to target by age, gender, workplace, relationships, birthdays, and much much more.

8. How to select proper interests for your campaign.

9. How to do profile research to make your ad more effective.

10. Plus the copy of the webinar, the MP3 training, the written transcripts, the quick start facebook check guide, and a few other surprise bonuses like… Facebook likes sandwich pages so what’s a SANDWICH page?

So if you would like to save a $100.00 now before the price goes up on Monday then I encourage you to click HERE to get it for the $97.00 price.

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One Response to “Facebook Advertising for Martial Art School Owners Post”

  1. Hey School Owners,

    Duane and I appreciate your feedback. We need your positive to know what we did right and also your constructive so we can course correct and give you what you really want.

    We value your opinion…so please do us a favor and let us know your thoughts.