Facebook News Feed Changes – Fix Here

Facebook made some spectacular changes last week / over the weekend to Fan Pages.

We recorded an episode  yesterday that’ll be out any tomorrow discussing those changes in depth – so do look out for it!

However, Facebook made a second, less publicized change to the way your news feed displays posts from your friends and Pages you’ve “Liked.” In fact, it’s probably not showing you all the updates you’d like to see.

I’ve made a quick video for you with the fix – enjoy:

Below is the video that you can send out to your list to make sure they know about the changes. If you want to make your own video instead of using the one we have provided you… you can use a free service called Jing Project to create it. We did make sure that if you wanted to just use our video that we have in know way made ourselves know in the video. It’s just an informational video you can use to pass along so you don’t have to make one yourself if you don’t want to.

Here is the actual link you can use to send out to your list of students, parents, family friends… well everyone actually because don’t you want as many people seeing your posts as often as possible? Copy and past the link below in the email you are going to send out TODAY!


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