Facebook Sucks

Ok, that’s not really true.

Especially if you are one of the unique school owners doing it right.

I want you to suspend your opinion on Facebook for just a minute. Think about this, Facebook is quickly becoming the most used website on the internet – period. The average person spends at least 20 minutes a day logged into FB. Many of them our your students!

Because so many other local Businesses are doing Facebook activities wrong or not doing them at all – it’s still like the wild wild west… but not for LONG!

Mark my words – In the future, Facebook will be a major way people find businesses that they work with – yes it will be competing with google for that space. The Funny part of it is… Facebook will win.

So, If you have been delaying getting on the Facebook bandwagon, I can tell you that your missing out on using this FREE tool in a big way. The effect on your new enrollments and buzz and retention in your school will be a true advantage for you.

That leads me into what I have for you today.

I have a student and a person in my mastermind who is a Facebook Expert and I recorded a recent 30 minute call with him for you. Jack and I discuss specific tactics that every school owners who wants to make 6 figures or more and having more free time are doing on facebook. There is a specific tactic called the “Reveal Tab” toward the end of the call – that I can tell you from experience… that ATTRACTS at least 7 -10 New Students EVERY month – and it does not cost me a Dime or Time.

For a Example of a Optimized Fan page go to: http://www.facebook.com/YourMMACoach notice how it prompts you to give your info as soon as you land on the page.

So enjoy and please give me your feedback – I need it – We crave it! LOL

Click on the Player Below!

OR – Download the call “Right click and save” on the link below:
Right Click Here!

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