Getting Things Done!

c-gtd-allenThis is a sample of what’s inside of SOS insiders club. Business Wisdom Briefs is a distilled action plan from the top business books so that YOU don’t have to read them. You only get the actionable items from these book summaries.

Write down everything that’s on your mind for a week. Does this free your mind?
After that week, sit down and process everything you wrote… do one of the following actions for each and every item: Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, Archive it, Trash it.
Find mechanisms to delegate, defer, and archive both email and paper items.
Schedule a weekly processing time in your calendar. DO THIS OR ELSE!
Change your voicemail greeting and email out-of-office message so it encourages people to contact someone else for routine stuff.
Change your voicemail to an ‘extended absence greeting’ and leave it there so people are required to press ‘1’ before being allowed to leave a message.
When you’re taking a day or a week off, change your voicemail and Out-of-office greetings so it tells people you’re not only out of office but intending to blanket ignore any voicemails or emails left during your absence!
Unsubscribe from every email list you’re on except the ones you really, really care about.
Say ‘no’ more often!
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