Giving Birth to Your Strategy

strategy“As the mind evolves, it creates limitations,” this is an excerpt from an American TV series called Fringe. The writer assumes that we, humans, are oftentimes hindered by a known or unknown factor. This restrains us from reaching our goals. This is a challenge that everyone faces, especially in the creative world of  Martial Arts Marketing.

What is a Strategy?

The idea of an ever-existing limitation gravely affects strategy. Strategy is defined as the end goal that one envisions for his business and the general approach to be used to achieve these goals. Strategy should be free in form. It is a part of the unknown that through unrestrained imagination was given birth. It is not merely a set of options from available resources. It is a crime to the imagination to stop the free-form thinking process just because of a wrong mindset.

Strategy should also not be what everyone else is doing. It should not stick with the norms of a society. More often than not, sticking with the rules create more harm than good. Breaking these rules for the sake of art is a rather forgivable crime. Strategy is not repetitious because it is always evolving. It is insane to try and do the same things even though it yields the same results. Apply that to business and you get two things: one is you lose your business after, say, three months of operation; or you remain stagnant for a few years until the market tires of your offering and you file for bankruptcy. Whichever it is, the end result still makes you loser in the business world. Strategy is birthed at the place where problems appear.

Strategy is also something that could not be found in books. It is not a general principal that is applicable to all kinds of businesses. Rather, it is unique in each company. It doesn’t matter if you have the same products or services to offer, your strategy would still remain your own. It is like your fingerprint. Creating your own strategy is actually very enjoyable in the sense that it gives you the drive to perform at a higher level. It is important because you believe so. And as the head of a corporation, your employees will believe in what your trying to accomplish. It is your and your people’s motivation to succeed.

Now, if a strategy is distinct to a person, then how do you invent it? Ask the right questions.

Remember the Socratic principle? Always follow an argument wherever it leads you. Ask questions to generate more questions which would ultimately lead you to a strong answer. It may sound like a waste of time but it is not. Strategy is a product of deep thought. Most school owners do not give themselves enough time to think. They oftentimes just follow any opprotunity that comes there way. Thus, they never really build systems and can never break free from their business. Defining a strategy gives you and your staff the ability to create processes that will automatically take place which in turn gives you more time to strategize on how to perfect other areas of your school.

Here is an example…

I was in a place 7 years ago where I was trying every new thing that came to me for marketing as a result I was getting marginal results. One day, I stepped back from the school and realized I was just stringing together a bunch of campaigns but there was no overall strategy to attract new students. So, I identified one pillar of marketing that I would create a strategy for and really master that one pillar…It was Internet marketing. I saw that the other schools in my area were not focused there, I realized also that someone searching for martial arts online was highly qualified and it was something that once I got it set I could just do a little maintence and focus on other areas. So, I sat down and mapped out the game plan to totally take over and dominate the internet searches for martial arts in my area.

What was the result?

It took me about 3 months to get that system in place but here is the result I went from an average of 20 leads per month to over 50 leads JUST from the internet. Which lead to more new students. In fact, the system I created 7 years ago is pulling in even more leads now! As a result of strategy and implementation I have opened 3 more schools using this strategy as the cornerstone for attracting new students. One of my coaching clients just put 1 tactic in to practice for online marketing and got 10 extra leads in 1 week…and the best part is that he is spending no additional time working!  He set it up and left it and it works for him as he sleeps…How’s that for a strategy.

Important Note

Duane and I  will be hosting a  FREE webinar on “How to set up Your online strategy” on Thursday Oct. 29th. Please mark your calender. We will NOT be going over theory. This webinar is going to teach the NUTS & BOLTS on how to set things up so you can attract new students on autopilot. Don’t miss it. Stop being a opportunity seeker and become a strategist. You will never improve your business if you stay in the mindset of implementing tactics one by one as the opportunity arise. To really bring your business to the next level you must create a strategies that allow you to have more time and resources so that you can continually look at your business, identify weak areas, create stratagies for improvement and then implement.

It’s the only way to win in business!

Please feel free to submit questions in the comment area. We want to hear from you.

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