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Hey School Owners –

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Hope you had a great weeekend and your school is crushing it and working for you.

Today, I am giving you the first Video in my new School Owner Video Training Course
called “The Conversion Code”.

It’s not the SAME OLD STUFF…

Over the next week,  this FREE course will change the  way your working and growing
your school –

 Today – we cover the Conversion Funnel Basics and the Customer Bulls Eye!


Watch The Video Below..


I want you to notice, when I was teaching on the the Sales Funnel – the MESSAGE in
your marketing to a Prospect is much different than your MESSAGE to a Lead.

Remember the Prospect is basically saying “I am interested in Martial Arts” and the
MESSAGE is to further that DESIRE and set your school apart.

But a Lead, has shown interest in getting involved SOON and the MESSAGE is to
make the appointment attractive and painless.

And If your an A Player – you can create Subcatagories of leads based upon how close
they are to enrolling.

For example, if they have missed thier appointment – those Leads should be given a series
of MESSAGES that reframe the value of the appoinment and your differnce.

If they made thier appointment – your MESSAGE should further thier Enrolling decision
and give them Proof that you are the ONLY choice.

Now – you can see that by NOT treating all of the people in your FUNNEL a little different
with the RIGHT message for them, Prospects & Leads WILL fall through the cracks

I know this seems like a big task, but it really isn’t.

Once you established the stages that a person goes through when they enter your Sales
Funnel, you can automate this and delegate the maitnence and let it work to get you a
HIGHER number of enrollments without any ADDITIONAL WORK!

In tomorrow’s video we will be going further into installing this system to get you more
ENROLLMENTS out of the Prospects your currently getting.

Click Here For Part 2 of the “Conversion Code”

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3 Responses to “Hookin you up all week!”

  1. This post is right on target! Giving the right message at precisely the right time can make all the difference. It helps enormously to have a system that automates a targeted message eventually leading to building a long term relationship. Getting the leads in and converting them is where it all starts.

  2. Great info!
    What you said is so true. The importance of having follow up systems already set up and ready to go once a person enters the sales funnel is so critical.

    I know many school owners don’t have a step by step follow up in place, instead many will follow up as they think about or not at all.

    When I put my system in place it made the job of following up so much more simple and effective. I knew where everyone was in the follow up sequence and didn’t have to stress over coming up with something new to send out to them enticing them to enroll.

  3. Great information in this post!
    Putting a dollar amount on what each lead costs makes school owners appreciate each lead their school gets.
    It is SO IMPORTANT for martial art school owners to have an approptiate/custom follow up sequences for each stage of the sales funnel.
    If my school didn’t have a system in place that automatically guides leads down the funnel, I would be missing out on hundreds of dollars EVERY month! It also gives me great peace of mind, knowing any leads that did not make it all the way down the funnel are automatically getting followed up on!