How to Set Up Your Online Strategy

The Webinar will Automatically Start when countdown timer reaches zero! Enjoy.

Remember, that we will be launching the New Martial Arts Dashboard 3.0 Thursday Nov 5th at 11 am Central.

You can watch the presentation in full screen mode by clicking on the full screen mode button on the player once it has started.

You will want to watch the presentation till the end to check out the Special BONUSES we are offering…

It’s Now 11am CST and the Martial Arts Dashboard is live now.

Go and be one of the first 37 school owners to sign up and get 4 bonuses totaling $458.97 plus the first 25 school owners will receive a fifth bonus totaling $250.00.

Remember that we are only going to allow 1 martial arts school owner per geographic area to use the Martial Arts Dashboard. This is just so all of the systems continue to work like crazy.

Once a zipcode is taken by a school owner, no other schools in that area can get a Dashboard. So, it’s truly on a first come first serve basis.

So, if you want to insure no other martial arts school owners snags your zipcode away from you, we highly suggest you do whatever is necessary to be the first in your area to invest in the Martial Arts Dashboard.

Go there now and check it out:

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