Important Google Places Updates

As you know, Being ranked high in GOOGLE PLACES is one of the most powerful and productive ways to drive prospects to your website.

I am going to share with you a few important updates that I got from a google insider that changes the game again and will either keep you in the TOP spot or put you in the top spot on a google search for martial arts or karate in your area.

If your not up on what Google Places is – You have GOT to get on the ball and should read this post FIRST and come back to this one: Click Here!

Ok – Here is a one quick tip out of about 10 that my buddy just gave me to rank higher or make your Google Places Listing keep it’s top spot.

Edit your the email – that is listed on your google places to INCLUDE your main KEYWORD &  MAIN area that you market too.

For example,

It’s Super Easy! Just open a new google gmail account and get the new email address and put it into your Google places profile.

We just got word that Google places weight on the email that is listed and your keyword + town makes a Big Difference!

Let me give you a BONUS tactic in regards to the new Google Places updates…

Upload the MAX number of Videos to your Google Places Profile!

So Here is the Action Plan for Doing this…

1. Shoot 10 Testimonial Videos and Upload them to

2. Optimize the video by including 1 main keyword (like Karate), one tail keyword (like Classes) and the town in the TITLE, Description and tags for the video. ( I would also add you full URL to your website in the description because your video will most likely show up on a google search for those keywords as well – a nice Bonus!

3. Geo Target the Video – On the same page you are optimizing your video, you will see a map. Where you see a field for location, copy & paste the EXACT address that you used in your google places profile – I mean EXACT!

4. Get the URL to each Video & paste those video into your google place profile and Save! That’s it, & it will be rocking your rankings in a few short days – giving you better rankings and sending more traffic to your site!

*** If you have NOT set the Foundational Optimization for your google place profile for your school or have not set one up yet – I highly recommend one of our most popular video training courses – Google Places Listing Mastery

You can get more info on it here: Click Here!

Let me be upfront – It’s a sales video page – BUT, watch the video no matter if you choose to buy the course or not – Why? Because even the sales video has a ton of info you can use and I promise you will learn some things about Google Places you did not know!

CLICK HERE for more info on the Google Places Listing Mastery and get it cheaper than we have ever offered it!

Oh – By the way here is the Bass I caught on the lake I live on yesterday =-)

I gotta tell you, I get my best ideas on marketing and business systems when I am out on the lake.

I hope you get some time this weekend to enjoy life – remember none of us are gonna die and wish we spent one more day working.

Enjoy your life, avoid burnout and get motivated to kick butt in your martial arts business.

In your corner,


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