Lots of stuff to help you

A Bunch of Stuff to Help You Grow Your School and Give You a Check Up from The Neck Up!

Here is the Rest of the Check Up from The NECK up Overcomer Mindset list:

1. What you SOW is what you REAP.

2. Appreciate your Students.

3. Be a value ADDER not a value EXTRACTOR.

4. You May Not Reap during the same season that you sow-Reject Fear, Greed and Doubt

5. Do not let your internal editor keep you from setting BIG GOALS

6. Be specific with your goals and dreams.

7. Underestimate what you can do in a DAY, Overestimate what you can do in a YEAR

8. Ask “why” often.

9. Your Habits  DEFINE you

10. Genuinely thank ten people a day.

11. Be coachable.

12. Practice what you preach.

13. Reject fear, greed, and doubt.

14. Give to get.

15. Visualize success daily.

16. Know what you want.

17. Projects Before Tasks

18. Help others get what they want.

19. Fail fast

20. Believe in yourself and believe the best of others.

21. Lead with passion and purpose.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

23. Create a lifestyle and business to support it.

24. Surround yourself with successful people.

25. Delegate, motivate and sell.

26. Focus on the big levers.

27. Farm out the little things.

28. Don’t be a spectator in life – PARTICIPATE.

29. Focus on the critical few and NOT the trivial many.

30. Break the chains of “trading time for dollars”.

31. Stop talking… start doing.

32. Laugh a LOT.

33. Consistency beats Intensity

34. Don’t take yourself too serious.

35. Destroy negative self talk.

36. It’s okay to ask for help.

37. Step outside of you’re comfort zone.

38. Don’t limit yourself.

39. Be grateful for what you have.

40. Change your negative beliefs about money.

41. Money is a vehicle to freedom and lifestyle.

42. Expect more of YOURSELF.

43. Avoid crabs, time vampires, and battery drainers at all cost.

44. I Can’t therefore I MUST!

45. Be a success to help others become a success.

46. This is a bonus one for you and it’s served me well….
Watch where the crowd is going and go the OPPOSITE way.

So, here is the rest of the “Chevk up from the Neck Up – mental Toughness mindset list!
( but there’s more…MUCH more, I promise.

Action Plan:

1. Print this list!
2. Read aloud the list once a day for 7 days
3. After 7 days, read it once a week for 7 weeks.

By that time you will have downloaded this new mindset into your brain, I know it sounds mumbo jumbo but it works, try it and you will see it give you a more positive attitudes even when were faced with tough challenges.

2. Also, in case you missed it -Last week SOS released 3 posts that got a lot of buzz, in case you missed them here they are: Click the links below to go to the post.

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3. What’s coming down the Road: One last thing…
Currently we are at maximum capacity in our Elite Platinum Coaching program for school owners.
But we are starting our latest 90 day business boost coaching program that is designed for smaller schools who need either a quick boost of new enrolled students or for the school owner who has been at the same level for over 1 year with little or no improvements in profits or lifestyle.

Before we offer this to all school owners, we first wanted to give our loyal SOS group a chance to win our latest business building & Growth coaching Course.

Details on how to enter will be coming soon.

This is your chance to get FREE coaching to BOOST business for 3 months.

You can Thank Me later…LOL!

In your corner,  Dion

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  1. Directed to Dion Ricardo.
    These thoughts have been some of the most truthful words or phrases I have ever come across, which they are so suitable to me.
    Ricardo what I do and what I have done in the martial arts today, during the pass 30 years, nobody does, but my planning, my over expectation, my setting of goals, etc have been too out of control, but finally I believe that I am starting to understand what I really suppose to do.

    Thanks for sending me these thoughts
    Respond to me