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Focus For The Martial Arts Business Owner

martial-arts-dion-riccardo-blogFocus is the one thing which sets apart a successful Martial Arts Business owner from those others who have not managed to make it. It can not be denied that any business, from start-up to those which are already established, that there seems to be a lot of things which must be done, covered and attended to in order to make it in any business. A day always seem to be filled with many issues and ideas which poses several trade-offs and impacts.

For some very lucky individuals, the trick to getting everything done is to have someone do it for them. However, not a lot of us are very fortunate to have individuals at our beck and call. Even those who have other people at their disposal would still agree that despite the disposal of resources and manpower, not everything gets done still as time may not always be on their side. Budget and time-constraints present to the individual an opportunity to make a choice and consider trade-offs.

This dilemma does present pressing questions among individuals. Pressing questions which makes the entrepreneur weigh all the matters which must be done which are presented on their plate. It can not be denied that while these matters are important, they are of different impact and effects; some may offer the possibility of more reward, while some may offer greater risks with maximum of benefits.

One of the most powerful piece of advice anyone can give to anyone about dilemmas like these is that the individual must focus on the one thing which they believe matters the most and divert their focus on the said thing. It must be understood that some priorities must be sacrificed in order to give in to other priorities which are of higher value. There are attachments and priorities which can be let go in order to attend to the one thing which matters the most.

watchTime and resources may not always be on one’s side as there may be things which must be done preferably prioritized over others. There are some questions which must be considered in order to determine the value of the things we have on our plate. These questions help to determine which must be prioritized and sacrificed in order to reach success.

Which item would prove to have the most significant impact? What will provide the most profits? Which can prove to be most successful? What is the most rewarding? What takes up most of your time and if done would help free your time? What will be the most strategical if done first?

These questions will succinctly address what is the most essential to your martial arts business success. These questions help one focus on the one thing which require attention as it yields the best and most profitable results. Focus on this one thing, and it will surely help you avoid being overwhelmed with having too much to do.

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Please comment on what the top 3 things you wished you did not focus onin the past  in your school…

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