Martial Arts Marketing Tools That Will Absolutely Grow Your School…

toolsWe believe there are a couple of martial arts marketing “tools” that will absolutely grow your school…

These “tools” are really more of “martial arts marketing methods” rather than anything. But, nonetheless, they are some of the most powerful and proven methods for getting new students and growing your school.

Let’s skip the fluff and get right to them:

Martial Arts Marketing Tool #1: PPC Martial Arts Marketing (Google Adwords)

PPC marketing is nothing more than advertising your martial arts school on the major search engines… with a cool twist.

With PPC marketing you DON’T pay when your ad is displayed. You ONLY pay when a prospective student sees your martial arts advertisement, clicks on your ad, and actually comes to your website.

But, it gets even better…

With PPC martial arts marketing, you get to choose EXACTLY when your ad is displayed on the major search engines, so you can target your advertisements strictly to the most qualified searchers of martial arts instruction online, display your ad just to them, and then only pay if they take an action and click on your ad. It’s actually the most targeted form of martial arts marketing in existence today.

Seriously. And, because of that, you end up only paying for traffic to your martial arts website that is ultra-targeted and highly-likely to convert into a paying students. It’s really incredible stuff! And, because of how effective this strategy is right now, We had to include it on the list of “martial arts tools that will absolutely grow your school”.

In fact you can listen to a free call we did with our very own personal Certified Google Adwords (PPC) Expert. Click HERE to get access to it.

Martial Arts Marketing Tool #2: Endorsed Offers

Endorsed offers are nothing more than having another local business owner or operator in your geographic area endorse you and your martial arts school to their customers, clients, patients, members, etc. When you set up this type of relationship, the percentage of prospective students that get converted into paying students for you in your school goes thru the roof.

Why? Because when another business owner or operator, who already has trust and goodwill built with their list of customers, endorses you and martial arts training at your school, the response is sometimes 20-30% higher than any other form of martial arts marketing.

Think of it like this…

Imagine a local school teacher talking to their students parents about the value of martial arts instruction with you, and why they recommend it. Or, imagine a local massage therapist or chiropractor talking to their clients about martial arts instruction with you. Again, because the trust and credibility is there already, the response is almost always much, much higher than typical “cold martial arts advertising”.

Why would another local business owner or operator endorse you and your school, you may be wondering?
Well, there are several reasons.

First, you can work on a barter arrangement with them. In other words, they endorse you and your school in exchange for complimentary martial arts training with you. Second, you can work out a co-endorsement arrangement where you endorse them to your parents and students in exchange for them endorsing you. The opportunities of the type of endorsed offer you arrange is only limited to your imagination.

Martial Arts Marketing Tool #3: Automated Martial Arts Marketing Via Email

Because email marketing can be set-up to work on autopilot perpetually… and because there’s no cost right now to use email marketing, it’s a great tool to follow-up with prospective students, educate existing students, generate referrals, and grow your school.

And, even more important, because martial arts email marketing is 4x more effective than most other forms of marketing (according to the Direct Marketing Association), it’s a must on the list of “martial arts tools that will absolutely grow your school”.

Think of it like this…

You can set up an email marketing campaign ONCE, and let it work over and over and over for you. You can do this for new students. You can do this to reactivate inactive students. You can do this for unconverted leads. You can do this to generate referrals every week. You can even do this for networking partners.

In fact we are going to show you how you can do it yourself this Thursday, October 29th on our FREE webinar.

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If you’re not using email marketing in your school right now, you’re really missing out on an incredible school-building tool. Seriously. And if you are then GREAT congratulations to you. May be you just might pick up 1 or 2 things you’re not currently doing that could improve your results.

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SPECIAL BONUS POST TODAY AT 2pm CENTRAL were we will cover Marketing for Martial Arts Schools – What To Do During a Brutal Economy.

Yours for a better school and life,

~Dion and Duane

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