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 What is the “Fonzie Effect”?

It is a KILLER Strategy to GAIN – MAINTAIN – And UPGRADE More STUDENTS so that YOU Sleep Well at night KNOWING your School is GROWING.

Watch The Video Below…

Now Read This… To Learn About The Fonzie Effect

I know that what I am about to share with you is counter intuitive, but I promise you if You only do this one Tactic Exactly as I mention below – I Promise that you will be more HAPPY and  MONEY will FLOW easier & Quicker.

Now that you have watched the video, here is some things to consider…

Look for all the lessons that could be taught out of the story and use it as a mat chats with a twist…( I’LL EXPLAIN THIS IN A SEC ).

You see, we all know how important it is, to do mat chats with children and how it reinforces why
martial arts is unique and beneficial to their kids.

But I would suggest – that is not where it stops!

Ready for a Golden Nugget from The FONZIE EFFECT Strategy

Over the years my greatest leverage in using mat chats has been with my family & my TEAM of instructors, managers and assitants.

Talk about RETENTION! Talk about creating a REFERRAL culture!

When you educate your TEAM in both Martial Arts Technique/business & Personal Development
and Mastery.

They will be Loyal more often than not, work harder for you and pass these mat chats down to the student level.

When that happens, your students will be spreading the good news about how positive YOUR school is!

This is only one tactic out of the 10 Tactics  of the “FONZIE Effect” now at work!

Here’s YOUR Action Plan:

1.Create Mat Chats that after viewing your staff’s weaknesses, you see can instruct & encourage them or you can use some of mine.

2.Identify a time once a month where you can gather your team and train them in Technique, teaching perhaps biz skills and goals. Then give your Mat Chat.

3. Ask them to take notes so they can share!

4. Share how a lesson in that storuy applys to you and ask them how it applys to them and send them off to share

5. Remind them during the month of the story and email them your notes on the mat chat.

That’s it!

You nowhave one tactic of the “FONZIE Effect” at work!

We call this the “Fonzie Effect” (yep good ole Fonzie from Happy Days) and we teach the detials of The Fonzie Effect for “Gaining & Keeping Students”  in our 90 Day Coaching
Program called “The Boost” .

What’s The Boost Coaching Program?

It is a 90 day Group Coaching Program designed to pull you out of the rut of slow or no growth in your school.

You know – Months go by and no real GROWTH in your school. The SCARY part is that there are many school owners that have not seen any growth in YEARS, and they struggle month after month.

Also, During the 90 days of Coaching –  YOUR Outlook, Bank Account and School’s Momentum will be “BOOSTED” to the next level.

You can be one of our 9 lucky winners to win The BOOST coaching Program (valued at $397) byEntering our “Greatest Martial Arts Succes Story CONTEST”

Detials will be released on the SOS site THIS Wed!

Watch for more Details on How You Can Win 90 Days of FREE Coaching to Get your school out of it’s rut and ultra slow growth.

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