Next Generation School Owners Manifesto

The Next Generation School Owner Manifesto is now available!

This may be the most important thing that you read as a school owner all year!

Read What other school Owners are saying about The Next Generation School Owner Manifesto:

Dear Dion,

Thanks for your great insight in your Next Generation School Owners Manifesto. I am an entrepreneur and I have built several schools and businesses over the years.

Your keen insight and tools to take it to the next level for me has been in the past a missing success ingredient.  I have always been able to create a job for myself, but leveraging a system to real freedom and creating sustainable value without my day to day involvement is a completely different ballgame.

I am working on it with your help and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Paul Keller
Family Martial Arts Academy
Beaverton, Oregon

I can’t believe how much golden information is in this report!

It has given me a whole new way to see my academy and how it can support my family financially.

Most importantly the ideas have given me a road map to freedom to spend my life the way I want to. To work when I want and how I want, to spend time with my friends and family when I want to, and to have time just to relax. I can even have time let more great ways I can use these concepts to help myself and others come to me. I have told all my friends who are school owners you must check it out and they love it.

If you are serious about making your dreams come true about why you opened an academy, you must read this read this now before they figure out that they are giving away the farm and take it down.

Thank You Dion,
Scott Shoen
MMA Academy Owner in Cleveland OH

This is Special Report is a must readIt has given me a new new vision/goal of TRUE FREEDOM.

I have learned how important stage specific marketing is, making me realize that if I want to be apart of the “next generation school owners” I MUST have an O.M.S. system in place!

After reading, it has also brought my attention to the different front and back end opportunities that my martial arts school presents.

I now have the CORRECT view on teambuilding, and will be making some small changes at my school asap.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read this post and gain some school owner wisdom
from it.

Thank you….I AM INSPIRED!
Adam Grisko

In this Report you will learn…

  • The only true SHORT-CUT to creating a profitable Martial Arts Business.
  • How to design a business that allows you to take one-week, two-week, and even one-month vacations.
  • Why you MUST AVOID the Outsourcing Myth so many unsuspecting school owners are buying into.
  • The most effective way to apply marketing tactics to your Martial Arts business.  Do it any other way and your results will suffer!
  • How to avoid information overload. (This is the secret method Next Generations School Owners use to learn and grow stress-free)
  • The X-Factor that’s even more important than knowing how to get new students. This one thing is THE difference between average marketers and the masters!
  • The 2 areas of your school that make you money and determine how much you grow. Most school owners get this totally backwards.
  • The simple solution that solves almost any business problem.
  • The 1 marketing mentality you MUST FLEE FROM… if you ever want to make the big money with little effort long-term.
  • Why a majority of School Owners are building their Martial Arts Business completely backwards. And, how to build your business like a Next Generation School Owner so you gain complete autonomy and freedom while YOUR school still GROW

…and much, MUCH MORE!

But before you dig into the Report let me share why we took 9 months to write this report for you.

We have been comunicating and serving School Owners for the past 5 years and got into this by calling.

My partner Duane and I had hired some of the most succesfull martial arts business mentors and found that while much of the basic business best practices worked well wehn implemented – On other things, it seemed like those tactics were outdated and no longer effective. That is where we focused!

And we started creating new rules and system that became the model of the “Next Generation School Owner”.

We had great Success combining some of the old basic business principles and found new ways to get more students and build a strong team around us so we can focus on growing the school using cutting edge automation, delegation and outsourcing.

Which we had to go outside of the MA industry to get that info. We also had mentors in manufacturing teach us the most up to date info about qaulity control, stats and systems building. And Personal Development Coaches to help understand the relationship between the School Owners Growth and Business Growth… and what we found was game changing!

We had such excitement about sharing this new way of approaching and running a school that we started to share it. Our Coaching clients have seen great results…in big part to our stair step approach to coaching and the new methods we teach.

The Boost Coaching Program is a 90 Day Program that were offering FREE to our readers..

Whats the catch? There is none – we just want to collect more Feedback to tighten our system down even more.

After we have filled our 12 spots we will charge $497 for this 90 day program and you can have it FREE. Few Spots still available.

If You are interested Click the Link below ( BTW ) the Special Report is on the next page at the bottom for download.

Click Here for instant access to the Manifesto and more info on the Boost.

Please give us your feedback on the report.

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