This is a sample of what’s inside of SOS insiders club. Business Wisdom Briefs is a distilled action plan from the top business books so that YOU don’t have to read them. You only get the actionable items from these book summaries.


Stop trying to make the workplace fun. Instead focus on expressing the MISSION and PURPOSE of your company.
Have a break room with a computer, a phone, and a sofa. Everywhere else is 100% workspace.
Be yourself! Flaws and all. Hire thick skinned employees who can handle you at your extremes.
Make your most important jobs BETTER jobs — by making that job more profitable so you can afford to pay well, etc.
Educate your employees during orientation that THEIR job is to make themselves so valuable to the company (profit-wise) that the company wouldn’t want to see them go.
Make every job a profit center by redefining the job & adding marketing-related goals.
Be on the lookout for excuses… they indicate “activity” without “results”.
If an employee is not an “A” player, redefine the job description, develop the employee aggressively, demote employee to a better matched position, or free up that employee to seek a better match at a different company.
Find a way to use the combination of MEASUREMENT + COMPETITION to motivate your employees. This requires public display of individual performance. Your best employees will love it. Your worst employees will quit.
Consider buying a 50” HDTV for the office that constantly displays employee numbers. It’ll cost you just $150 a month or so on credit, and the rewards will be exponential.
Systemize all the small things in operations manuals.
Apply the 5-step system below to get SPEED into your business model.
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