I can remember when I made my first typo on a marketing e-mail blast… 

I was embarrassed until I spoke with my martial art business coach,

he said… “Great that gives us the opportunity to reach out and market to

this group again by sending another e-mail blast with the correct verbage. 




1. facebook: if you have facebook, post that you are just starting this program and you will keep your friends posted about your results. THEN, every time you go to victory to train simply mention that your going and when you come back – post how you felt about it.
2.Facebook fan page: become a fan of the ” Dion Riccardo’s Victory Martial Arts Academy”.
by doing this your friends will be able to find us and spy on what your doing.
3.Buddy week: the first week of every month is “Bring a Buddy week”, this is a great chance to invite a few friends to come out and see what you do, they will be curious anyway so you can do this very softly.
4.Question Ultimo: this is my favorite technique. So as I am talking with people, I always bring up this questions. ” where do you workout?” then I ask ” r u happy with your workouts?” they will either do 2 things usually… They will tell you that their not working out regularly or they will ask you the same question. That opens the door for you to say ” I found a fun way to get in shape and get in great shape, you gotta try it… Do you wanna come with me sometime?” then follow up. And try to bring them to buddy week.
5.The go giver- with the plastic gift cards we gave you, you can give these to your circle as gifts for birthdays or any occasion. There valued at 100 dollars and people will thank you for them. The important component to this is to follow up with them after you give them one and invite them to come with you to workout.
6. The Bonus method: another use for the gift card is give them as a bonus for buying from you.let’s say you do hair after you style someones hair you can hand them the card and say that it is your way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer.
7. The party harty method: invite 10 of your friends out for a night on the town. At the end of the night thank them for coming and give them a gift card. again, follow up is key after giving these cards away.
8.Random recruitment: always carry these cards with you, and you will see ways to give these out, if you do not have the persons contact info ALWAYS get it so you can do the crucial follow up.

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