Are Your Students Gaining Wisdom?

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There once was this old farmer who had an old wise donkey.  One day the farmer was working on his crops with his donkey, when all of a sudden the donkey fell down a well. 

The Farmer said, “Oh my, how am I going to get my poor donkey out of this well?”  After many hours of trying to get his donkey out of the well, the owner realized that there was nothing else he could do.  The owner said a prayer and decided it would be best to bury his old and wise donkey friend.

So the farmer went and got a shovel and began putting dirt down the well to bury his old friend.  The Donkey looked up as the dirt came down hitting him on the shoulders and  his face.  The donkey could do nothing but shake the dirt off and move his feet.

The farmer got one shovel full of dirt after another… more and more dirt/problems kept hitting the donkey in his face and on his shoulders.  Yet all the donkey did was shake it off and step up.

Hours went by as more and more dirt kept hitting the donkey.  Yet, the donkey didn’t cry nor complain.  The only thing the donkey did, was shake it off and step up.  As time went by, the donkey got closer and closer to the top of the well and eventually was able to walk right out!

What can we learn from this old wise donkey…. That when problems happen, don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Shake It Off And Step Up!

This week remember the donkey.  When things get hard, just shake it off and step up… PERSERVERE!

Are You Using These 5 Simple To Use Referral Systems?

In last Monday’s article, I spoke about the three elements that are important for generating referrals. Also included were two referral systems that you could implement into your school.

This week you’re going to receive 5 more referral systems to super-charge your results. Feel free to use these systems as is or change them around and mix them up to suit your needs or situation.

System #1:  Show Them the Money!

Description: Many people respond better to cash than gifts, so this is a great strategy to implement.

When you place an ad in the paper or send out a mailer, you are paying for leads. With this system you are paying your student for that lead instead of the local paper or mailing company. Here’s the way to do it: Tell your students that you’d prefer to pay them for sending you new business instead of the newspaper or mailing company.

Because of the cost associated in acquiring new students and your preference to get more students like the one’s you currently have – who better to reward than your students as they will surround themselves with people similar to them.

Just decide a reasonable amount to offer. This will be based on your current cash flow and/or what the cost is in acquiring new leads.

System #2:  Gift Package

Description: To any student who refers a friend that enrolls in your school, you could give away a “Thank You” package. In the package you may include a private lesson and a T-Shirt or private lesson and a kicking paddle.

In the beginning, keep this simple. Come up with a couple of different packages and test each one to see how your students respond.

System #3:  Testimonials

Description: Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing methods you

have. When a student or parent let you know how martial arts has helped them or their child, get a testimonial. Although this isn’t a “referral”, many of your students live, shop and go to school in the same area. When they see or hear of someone who has trained with you, they feel more comfortable in enrolling with you.

System #4:  Special Reports/E-newsletters

Description: With the power of the internet and social sites like Facebook it is very easy to have your newsletter or special report go “viral”. To harness this power, ask your students/parents to forward your e-newsletter or special report to their friends and family.

This is a super simple way to get students who are not comfortable in “promoting” you to get the word out about their training to their circle of friends/family.

System #5:  “Thank You” Gift Certificates

Description: After a test or upgrade ( a time when their enthusiasm is high) hand them a gift certificate and say: “Here’s a gift certificate to give to a friend or family member that may be interested in achieving the same results that you have. It entitles them to a free month of classes as a gift from you. And as my way of saying thank you for being my student, I’m giving you a gift certificate for $25 dollars off your next month.” (this can, of course, be a gift certificate for any amount and for anything that you would like to gift to them. Be creative and have fun!)

Take two to three of these systems and implement them. Track them for 6-8 weeks, if you’re happy with the results, keep going! Be sure to look for ways that you can make small improvements to increase your results.

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