The Three Areas of Concentration

When I was blessed with the opportunity to start up a martial arts business, my marketing funds were low… actually there were none. At that time of my life I was going through bankruptcy, had to move back in with mom, and would borrow her car to get around.

I can specifically remember sitting in Mr. Riccardo’s office mapping out my O.M.S. (optimal marketing strategy).  At that stage of my martial arts business, a good portion of my time was dedicated to getting out and shaking hands, giving free speeches to kids, and making strategic business contacts. It was the first time I was introduced to the term “Gorilla Marketing”.

Just like in last week’s post “The ABC’s To Becoming A Local Celebrity”, there were many times I found myself with the opportunity to speak with a groups of 4-25 kids, ages 4-10 years old. “The Three Areas of Concentration” was my secret weapon in making each opportunity a success!

It’s all about leverage:

Here are some goals when presenting “The Three Areas of Concentration”:

  • Meet and form relationships with potential new students.
  • If possible, collect all the attendees contact information, this would be done through the waiver.
  • Be sure all the kids attending are having a blast, make them wanting more! This presentation should be interactive, informative, and entertaining. I always use jokes and questions to keep the kids engaged and focused.
  • Make sure all the kids understand the message, and are motivated to immediately apply what they have learned to their lives.
  • Strengthen the relationship with the contact who allowed you to speak. They make great references; ask them if they know any other groups of kids that could benefit from hearing your presentation.
  • Schedule another time to come back and speak.

Below is a basic outline and notes on how to present “The Three Areas of Concentration”.  I hope that this outline will help you make the most out of every presentation your school gives.


Ask the kids “raise your hand if you want to learn how to be a champion!” Explain how all champions have the important power of concentration. Like a light switch (flick on and off light in room while explaining) they have the ability to instantly turn on and off their focus. In the next fifteen minutes everyone will get the opportunity to learn how to use the power of concentration. This will give them the opportunity to be great at anything they choose to focus on. The best part is at the end when everyone will get the chance to apply what they learned while playing a fun martial arts game!


The three major areas of concentration are:

1) Focus with your eyes… Kids point to their eyes and say “focus with my eyes”!

Ask the kids how they focus with their eyes?

Let them know that where ever their eyes look, is what will capture their focus. Look down at the floor when talking to the kids and ask them if they think you are focusing on them right now? At home do you look at your parents when they speak?  This is one of the ways Mom and Dad can tell if you are listening or not!

Where should you focus your eyes while at school? At the dojo you look at your Sensei’s when they speak and when aiming a technique on a pad your eyes should focus directly on it.

Have the kids try focusing their eyes straight ahead without moving them for 15 seconds.

2) Focus with your mind… Kids point to their head and say “focus with your mind”!

If you are at school and your teacher is talking about math, should you be thing of your pet goldfish? If you are at the dojo training should you be thinking about what you are going to eat for dinner? Nooooo, you should thinking about the drill or the moves that you are practicing.

Everyone daydreams once and a while but when at school, the dojo, or when our parents are talking to us we must be fully engaged and focused.

3) Focus with your body… Kids slap their hands at their side and say “focus with my body”

When in class you should sit with your back straight, this will help you remember and focus on what your teacher is saying.

Ask the kids if they want to see an example of martial arts move? Show an example of a martial arts move with a hunched back and bad form and show one with the proper form. Ask which move looked better? When we train at the dojo we train our bodies to always do the proper technique.

Here is a great time to tell the kids how awesome of a job they are doing in listening!


This game will put to the test what they have learned and help sharpen their concentration skills. Have the kids form a circle and stand in the ready stance, with their back straight, their eyes forward and their fists down and in front of their body. In this game the kids need to focus with all three areas of concentration as you try to get them to move their eyes, body, or smile. If a student looses their concentration while playing they have to sit, the kids left standing after a few minutes are the winners. Be sure to play a few times so everyone has a good chance to win.

This game can be as fun and creative as you can make it. Sticking your hand out for a high five so they move their body,  telling them to look at something so they move their eyes or making a funny karate sound so they laugh are a few fun ways to test the kids focus.


After an overview of the three areas and playing the game, be sure to let the kids know how great they did. Challenge them to work on the three areas of concentration at home and at school.

In addition, since the kids did such a great job they are presented with a certificate of completion which entitles them to a free two weeks of martial arts training at your school.

Now, all that is left is a few follow up calls, to schedule the days for each child to start their free two weeks!

Please leave any comments or questions regarding the three areas of concentration.

Facebook News Feed Changes – Fix Here

Facebook made some spectacular changes last week / over the weekend to Fan Pages.

We recorded an episode  yesterday that’ll be out any tomorrow discussing those changes in depth – so do look out for it!

However, Facebook made a second, less publicized change to the way your news feed displays posts from your friends and Pages you’ve “Liked.” In fact, it’s probably not showing you all the updates you’d like to see.

I’ve made a quick video for you with the fix – enjoy:

Below is the video that you can send out to your list to make sure they know about the changes. If you want to make your own video instead of using the one we have provided you… you can use a free service called Jing Project to create it. We did make sure that if you wanted to just use our video that we have in know way made ourselves know in the video. It’s just an informational video you can use to pass along so you don’t have to make one yourself if you don’t want to.

Here is the actual link you can use to send out to your list of students, parents, family friends… well everyone actually because don’t you want as many people seeing your posts as often as possible? Copy and past the link below in the email you are going to send out TODAY!

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