Advice To Martial Art School Owners About Technology

In 2011, when it comes to martial art school growth, technology is all the rage.

The internet… mobile… smart phones… online video and audio… Blogs…Facebook… Twitter… Linkden…and on it goes.

Seems like the quest for the shiny new “magic student-attraction button” is a never-ending endeavor for most martial art school owners.

And, even though there’s tremendous value in strategically (and properly) using the appropriate martial arts marketing tactics for your school, they are not… NOT… the most important aspect of your school growth game-plan.

So what is?

Well, I think author, Hugh MacLeod said it best in his fantastic book, Ignore Everybody…

“The people who trust you (and vice versa) are what will feed you and pay for your kids college. Nothing else.”

In other words, the most valuable thing you can have as a martial arts school owner is a herd of people who trust you fully as their success mentor.

Which is exactly why you should be sending regular goal setting, success building, fitness, health, wellness, fitness, and nutritional updates to your students, parents, and prospective sudents. That’s how you establish yourself as a trust-worthy resource.

And that positioning and reputation of being a TRUSTED RESOURCE should be protected and nurtured every week.

Like Hugh says, “Stop worrying about technology. Start worrying about the people who trust you.”

It’s All About The “F word”

Google is worried.

Facebook is on the way to kicking the 800 pound gorilla down a flight of steps. And yesterday, Google removed its CEO and replaced him with one of the founders.

Google was founded by two geeks Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were outstanding thinkers and geeks but not businessmen.

When Google wanted to go public and launch its stock offering, Wall Street said…

“Neither of you two guys is mature enough or has any business skills.”

So they decided they needed a pro to run the company. They hired Erich Schmidt as CEO. He took the company from infancy to powerhouse. In fact, Google’s last quarter was it’s most profitable ever. Firing him makes no sense.

It’s like firing Sidney Crosby in hockey right now or Michael Jordan in basketball when he was at the top of his game.

Thanks for making us multi billionaires and having our best quarter ever… By the way – You’re fired.

It’s all about the “F word”.

Facebook is giving these guys nightmares.

Also Facebook has just started implementing it’s promised Email and messaging center. It’s starting to allow people to buy things right on Facebook.  And what I see happening starting this year is that Facebook is going to become your portal to the Internet.

You are going to log in to Facebook and never leave.

Everything is going to be brought “IN” to Facebook. And that is going to make us rethink the way we do business online.

But what is clear is that doing business on Facebook makes a heck of a lot of sense. It’s not just a way of getting students today. It will also be a bigger opportunity for getting more students in the future too.

And you SHOULD BE INVOLVED. It’s simple and it’s easy.

Just check out these two Free blog posts below:

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