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3 Ways To Increase Revenue In December


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Boost Training 12 The 10 Habits continued

In this final module we revisit what we started back in module 9 and proceed in the final 5 Habits of Highly Effective School Owners. Please take what I am about to tell you into consideration and read the below before watching the video. The 10 total habits that I share are THE #1 thing […]

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Boost 11: Social Media

Using Facebook and optimizing it to use in your marketing to leads and students has been an awesome addition and strategy. Google has now came out with a Social Media Platform that may get people to switch over to using it as their main social media platform. But the true advantage in the near future […]

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Hiring The Right Front Desk Help Can Be Hugely Beneficial

We recently focused on the need to hire someone to work the front desk in the evening and the best way to solve this hiring challenge for one my coaching students.  I recruited my mentor Dion for his input and I wanted to share the results with you.  The benefit of having the right well […]

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