Google Changes the Game…Martial Arts schools affected everywhere.

Posted by Dion Riccardo

Reading Time: 2-5 Minutes

For Martial Arts School Owners, the entire game of getting listed at the top of Google has RADICALLY CHANGED.

Google is now giving priority at the top of the their search results to Google Places listings (formerly called Google Maps).

What this means is that when a prospective student searches for a local martial arts school, the first 7 listings or so on that first page of Google will be the top listings from Google Places. So, if you don’t have a listing in Google Places for your Martial Arts school , you will NOT get into any of the top places on page one of Google when someone searches for a local martial arts program.

The key, now, to getting your SCHOOL the number one listing on page one of Google is to have a dominant Google Places listing.

In other words, an optimized #1 listing in Google Places will get you the #1 listing in Google. It’s as simple as that.

This is actually GREAT NEWS, believe it or not.

Because, what this means is that to get the top listing in Google, you don’t have to bother with all of the traditional search engine optimization stuff like on-page and off-page factors. You just need to create a highly-optimized Google Places listing.

And, because there are far fewer martial arts schools in Google Places… with most not optimizing their listing or even understanding the basics of optimizing their listing… you have a much, much greater chance right now of seizing that coveted number on listing in Google.

Its EASIER then ever before to get to the top of page 1 on Google.

How do you CREATE and OPTIMIZE  a Google Place listing and get new leads from the internet fast while getting a jump start to getting the number 1 position to make it super difficult to compete with your listing?

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The 4-Hour Workweek

Change Your View of Work and Retirement

The underlying premise of The 4-Hour Workweek is that it makes little sense to spend your entire life working to accumulate the necessary resources to retire and pursue your dreams. Ferris makes this point very clear in sharing the story of a fisherman from a small village in Mexico.

The fisherman returns with his daily catch and encounters a vacationer with an MBA. The two strike-up a conversation and the vacationer asks the fisherman about the relatively small size of his catch. The fisherman replies that he has caught what he needs to feed his family and a bit more to sell to the local markets. He then shares that he will spend the rest of his day enjoying time with his family, taking a siesta, and generally doing whatever he pleases.

The vacationing MBA hears this and quickly begins to outline a plan for the fisherman to expand his efforts, buy more boats, hire more people and build a successful fishing empire using his skills. The fisherman politely listens as the vacationer tells him how he could grow the business for a few years, then sell it and make enough money to retire and do whatever he wanted…which is essentially what the fisherman is already doing every day.

And that is the essence of this insight—if you change the way you think about the way you work, you can integrate the lifestyle you dream of into your life today.

But there’s one reason most people don’t even consider this option, and that’s our second insight.

Figure Out What You’ll Do When You’re Not Working

Ferris suggests that the critical challenge you face when you consider joining the New Rich is figuring out the answer to this question: What you will do when you are not spending all of your time working?

If you think about the question for a moment, you realize how difficult it is to answer. Most of us get bored after a few days on vacation. We struggle to unplug ourselves for even short periods of time from the tools that keep us connected. We turn to our businesses (or our jobs) to fill our days.

When you ponder the notion of working only four hours per week, you quickly realize that you will have a lot of discretionary time. Ferris argues that you need to have a plan for how you will spend that time before you embark on your journey. He suggests that you create two “dreamlines,” one for the next 6 months and one for the next 12 months.

For each dreamline define up to five things that you want to have, five things that you want to do, and five things that you want to be. Next, calculate the costs of realizing the targets on your dreamline to compute the Total Monthly Income you will need. Then define the action steps you’ll take in pursuit of your dreams during the times when you are not going to be working.

The key to making this transition is our third insight.

Implement Systems That Get The Work Done

To free up your time to pursue the action steps on your dreamlines, you’ll need to put both your business and your income on autopilot. It’s in the advice for doing this that Ferris really delivers. In fact, one of the most valuable things in the book are extensive lists of resources that will help you secure the support to put your business on autopilot.

But Ferris is quick to point out that it takes more than just systems and a strong support team to reduce the number of hours you work. You’ll also need to make some important changes in your behavior.

It starts with putting yourself on a low information diet—checking e-mail only once or twice a day initially, and ultimately having someone else handle it for you; outsourcing everything and empowering your support team to make decisions within guidelines you have given them; and working proactively to manage every interruption that might divert your attention or place a demand upon your time.

The point of doing this is to allow you to focus all of your efforts on the very highest pay-off tasks…the ones that truly need your input and attention. By putting systems in place, the work that would normally expand to fill the time you have gets done without you being involved. You now have time to pursue your dreams and to work with those who are contributing the most to your business.

And that is the essence of our fourth insight.

Focus On Serving Only the Best Customers

Ferris is not the first author who encourages entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus on serving only the best customers. But the personal story he shares demonstrates the value of the approach in a powerful way.

When Ferris was working 80 hour weeks and trying to grow his business, he encountered the Pareto’s 80/20 Principle. It led him to recognize that most of his profits were coming from a very small percentage of his customers. More important, it also suggested to him that most of the problems he spent his time working on came from his least profitable customers.

With this concept in mind, he analyzed his customer base and learned that in fact 5 of his 120 customers were generating 95% of his revenues. He also calculated that 98% of his time was being spent chasing the remainder of his customers. Armed with this analysis, he immediately decided to stop contacting 95% of his customers, to fire another 2%, and to focus his energy on the top 3%.

The results were astounding. Within a few weeks his monthly income doubled and his hours spent servicing customers dropped from over 80 per week to less than 15 per week. The number of complaints and problems also dropped dramatically.

This experience completely changed his way of doing business, and that leads us to our final insight.

Escape the Office, Go Mobile, And Live Your Dream Now

With systems in place to keep your business operating and your income flowing without you spending all of your time on-site overseeing things you’ll experience a whole new level of freedom. Combine that with a mindset focused on pursuing your dreams now and your entire view of what it means to work changes. Being in the office or on the floor of the business every hour it is open no longer makes sense.

Ferris suggests that this new found freedom affords you the opportunity to escape the office and go mobile so that you can begin living your dream. His personal story illustrates the potential for doing this by using technology tools to check in periodically as you travel and work from wherever you want.

This insight is at the core of the New Rich lifestyle that Ferris advocates throughout the book. Becoming comfortable working away from your business and being confident that the systems and support teams you’ve put in place will keep everything on track is not easy. But the case examples shared throughout this updated version of the book prove that Ferris is not unique and that the concept also works for others.

The key is making the decision to do what it takes to create this new lifestyle. It starts with getting clear on your dreams and realizing you don’t have to wait to pursue them. Next, put systems and people in place to allow you to pursue your dreams today.

The key is creating a balance between working and not working by knowing what matters most to you and how you will spend the time when you are not working. That allows you to escape the office and trade the traditional long-haul career for short bursts of work interspersed with mini-retirements. That’s the real dream behind The 4-Hour Workweek!

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