Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

Create Your Brand and Live ItYou’ll be hard pressed to find a better example than this book
provides of creating and living your brand. From start to finish, Book Yourself Solid concept
delivers on its inherent promise—it shows you what to do to get more clients until you are in
fact booked solid.

Though the author doesn’t devote a lot of words to the concept of defining and living your brand,
the book almost screams it on every page as the power of having a clearly defined brand
that focuses directly on the benefits you will receive from it come through time and again.
By the end of the book, you find yourself thinking about the concept with every idea
that pops into your head for your business.In fact, the book is worth reading for this lesson alone…because it shows you the power of
really understanding what you deliver to your clients in terms of the benefits that they
will receive from working with you. Port’s brand clearly lets everyone know that the
intention of his system is to show you how to attract enough clients so that you will be
booked solid; and he leverages this brand at every juncture throughout the book to keep
it front of mind by making it your mission to achieve that result.

This kind of branding doesn’t happen by accident, and that leads us to our second insight.

Work to Define Your BusinessOne of the most valuable elements of Book Yourself Solid is
its focus on pushing the reader to work on defining their business. The book is filled with
written exercises and action steps that guide the reader through the application of the
concepts and principles being presented. You can even go online and download the
entire set of questions in pdf workbook format at the book’s website.

The implicit and important point that the author makes through the frequent use of
these action boxes is that before you can attract more clients, you need to thoroughly
understand what you offer them. More important, these exercises and action steps
guide you to thoroughly think through what your business offers, to develop
effective messages to share with the market and to do specific things that will
connect you with the right prospects for your products and services.

By delivering such specific, easy to access and address information, Port sets up the
Book Yourself Solid system as a powerful tool in the arsenal of any business owner.
While the processes he outlines for defining your business are targeted to
professionals seeking to fill their pipeline with clients, the information is equally
valuable for any business owner wanting to increase their market and attract more
of the right customers and clients.

But not every business can serve every customer or client, and that is the essence of
our third insight.

Serve the Best, Dump the RestPort advocates using the “Velvet Rope” approach as you
grow your business. Like a Hollywood premiere or an exclusive nightclub, your
business should have a velvet rope that keeps those out who don’t belong inside. It
creates an aura of exclusivity, it provides a clear focus and distinction in your
approach to the market, and it lets prospective customers and clients know that
they need to qualify in some way to gain access to what you offer.

While on the surface this notion may seem a bit elitist, perhaps even arrogant for a
growing business, think about its real value to you as a business owner. After all,
no matter how big your small business is, you can’t possibly serve everyone, and,
the fact is that there are folks you can serve whom you really shouldn’t be serving.

The author demonstrates this by sharing his personal experience in dumping some of
his clients so that he could focus on working with those from whom he got more energy,
with whom he had more impact, and for whom his approach was a better fit. It’s tough
to do, but Port effectively argues that when you free yourself up from working with
the ‘duds,’ you are better able to serve the clients you were intended to serve.

With this velvet rope policy in place, you can then proceed to build your business by
connecting with the right types of clients…the ones you can serve best and from whom
you derive the most energy.

The pathway to finding these folks is our fourth insight.

Information Products Open DoorsAnyone who has been in business for more than
fifteen minutes knows that the biggest challenge is finding ways to tell your story to
those who need to hear it. And once you start trying to do that, you quickly realize
that unless the listener sees some sort of value in the message that you are sharing
and perceives a benefit to listening, they will simply tune you out.

You also quickly learn that there is just not enough time available to serve your
current clients, share your message with new prospects, turn them into clients,
and keep the cycle going unless you can find some sort of leverage. Enter the
information product…a tool that Port recommends to lead the right folks past your
velvet rope.

Chances are that you are familiar with the concept of an information product—
you’re reading one right now. In Book Yourself Solid, the author shows how you
can use these kinds of products to speed up the sales curve by sharing value with
potential clients before they actually step up to do business with you.

By defining a series of information products that deliver value to those who are
interested in doing business with you, you gain a unique ability to tailor your
message to those with whom you do your best work. More important, you are
able to deliver that message in the same way each time to a larger number of
people, and each of them receives value from the message itself.

Port is careful to point out that this approach works only if you are willing to provide
valuable content in the e-courses, e-books, learning packages, and tele-seminars
you deliver. Information products work when they deliver information, not when they are
simply selling what you have to offer.

And that leads us to our final insight.

Self Promotion is Not All About YouMore than half of Book Yourself Solid is
devoted to what Port calls the Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Self-Promotion Strategies.
For each of these seven areas Port outlines an action plan for the reader to follow
in an almost step-by-step fashion. From networking to direct outreach to referrals
to the web to speaking and demonstrating to writing to keeping in touch,
he provides a wealth of actionable advice to help you promote your business,
its services, and its impacts.

But there is a more important message in the advice that the author shares in his
discussion of these strategies. Simply stated, he reminds us that even though it is
called self-promotion, when it’s done effectively, it’s not all about you.

Throughout the discussion, the author reminds us both directly and subtly that
the key to impact when doing self-promotion is to keep the message focused on the
needs and wants of the audience. And for each of the seven areas he offers specific
advice you can use to increase your effectiveness by spending less time telling the
audience about you, and more time showing them what you do.

When you follow this approach, the audience you are seeking will find you and wait
to be invited behind your velvet rope, and you will Book Yourself Solid.

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