What Does Martial Arts Training Really Offer?

“What’s Your Martial Arts Track Record?”

If you view a substantial amount of martial arts advertisements, like I do, you’ll often find most lacking 2 critical elements.

The first is far less lacking, but lacking nonetheless. It’s what we call “credibility boosters”.

These are the elements within a martial arts advertisement that overtly communicate and establish your credibility as an expert. (and I am not talking about and expert with your karate moves)

It’s not enough, anymore, to simply put the name of your school and your current rank after your name. Every school owners does that.

Today, you need to communicate all of the various elements that establish and increase your credibility.

For instance:

* How long have you been in business?
* How many students you have?
* Do you have any “celebrity” students or parents known by your target market (i.e. local politician, police officer, teacher, business owner, etc.)?
* Have you had anything published?
* Have you had any media appearances?
* Have you contributed to any local magazines?
* Have you won any related awards?

All of these things help to communicate a greater level of credibility behind whatever it is you’re communicating to prospective students (and current students and parents).

But, credibility alone is NOT enough.

You must also communicate your “martial arts track record”.

And, in most cases, this has a greater impact on prospective students than the “credibility boosters” alone. Because track record communicates how martial arts lessons are with you, in your school, has actually delivered the sought-after benefits to clients.

In other words, what your track record shows prospective students and there parents is your history of helping people achieve positive outcomes, and lends proof to the claims of benefit you should be making in your martial arts advertisements.

For instance:

* How many parent and students rave about martial art training with you?
* How many parents no longer have troubled kids thanks to you?
* How many students no longer have lack self confidence thanks to you?
* How many students don’t get sick as often now that they get exercise with you?
* What percentage of your parents and students enthusiastically refer family and friends because they benefit so much from your school?

The objective behind proving your track record is to give prospective students confidence that they can experience the benefits you’re telling them they’ll experience with martial arts training at your school… just like so many others have before them.

Remember, it’s one thing to claim you can provide the benefits prospective clients are looking for. It’s an all together different thing to provide proof (track record) that you’ve done it for many, many folks before them… and are still doing it ever day even now.

Think of it like this:

When you’re interested in buying a new vehicle, a simple explanation by the sales-person of how great the manufacturer is, isn’t enough. You want to see some proof of how great they are (credibility boosters). But, you also want to see proof (track record) of how reliable the vehicle is. What’s it’s track record?

Same goes for you and your martial arts advertisements.

Provide proof of your credibility and proof of your track record, and watch as your martial art advertisements attract a heck of a lot more prospective students into your school.

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