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Boost Training #10

How to Use This ONE Easy Copy & Paste Trick to Boost Your Google Rankings


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Q&A Call recording w/ Dion

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Boost Training 9: The Inner Game of Being a School Owner

Do you ever feel overwhelmed – even anxious at times?

Your not alone! In fact, many school owenrs and business owners report feeling negative more than they do positive. Is that what you signed on for when you became a school owner?

The bottom line is that the way you feel as the school owner dramatically effects your schools numbers. You MUST create habits that make you feel Energized, Creative and Productive. Watch the video to find out the first 5 Habits of Highly Effective School Owners.


Boost Training 9:

The Inner Game of being a School Owner


*Bonus Video

Fueling Sustainable High Performance

This is a fantastic 1-hour presentation given by performance guru, Tony Schwartz, at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

I have read all of his books multiple times and “the Power of Full Engagment” is the single most important book on productivity and lifestlyle managment I have ever read and is on my yearly review book list.

Tony Schwartz is the founder and president of The Energy Project. He is the co-author of “The Power of Full Engagement”, which has been translated into 24 languages. Tony has written three other books, including What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America. His most recent article, “The Science of Stamina,” was published in the October 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review.

Demand is relentlessly rising. Our capacity is not keeping pace. The traditional solution to higher demand has been to invest more time. Unfortunately, time is finite, and most of us have no hours left to invest. Energy, however, can be systematically expanded — and it can also be regularly renewed. To operate at our best, we need four energy sources: physical (quantity), emotional (quality), mental (focus), and the energy of the human spirit (purpose). This talk will focus on the role of energy in fueling sustainable high performance, and in motivating others.

Special Note From Dion:

1 hour with me Q & A Next Thursday Live!

In my weekly meeting with the Boost Coaching team they expressed how much action our school owners are taking and the amazing results they are gettting.

They also told me that there were more specialized questions that you have.

So here is what I can do to help on Thursday Nov 10th at 2pm central, I will be available for your questions for 1 hour or till we answer all of the questions or whichever comes first.

So please have a list of your more complex or specialized questions

We may or may not record it so do your best to be there.

Here are the details:

Q&A with Dion

Thursday Nov 10th 2pm central us time

Call in: 1-218-339-3600  access code: 660023#

Please make sure you enter access code correctly


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Boost 8: The One Online Activity Every School Owner Must Do

Quick Note From Dion We are already in week 8 in the Boost Coaching Program and we hope you have been taking action. We are getting many reports back that our students are getting increased traffic and leads from the internet (one school owner reports he has gone from 3-4 internet leads per week to 4-5 a week and […]

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How To Have Energy Like The Energizer Bunny!

Click On The Link Below To Watch This Video Clip….

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Boost Training 7: Crafting Your KIT System

The KIT SYSTEM™ (Keep In Touch) is a vital part of any martial arts business. In this module you will learn why EVERY business needs a KIT System™ and how it will increase enrollments, review gathering, referrals and upgrades/renewals. Also, you will learn how to put together ” Prospect and New Student KIT ” Sequences […]

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