Insanley Easy Technique Crushes Procrastination

Your not gonna Believe this 1 Technique can help you…

SWAITToday, I woke up and just hard a hard time getting myself

Did you ever feel that way?

Got done working out and had a list of things I needed to get
done, but just didn’t feel like it.

Sound familiar?

I could sense my self wanting to blow it off and just procrastinate.
I don’t have many days like that but often as I talk to coaching clients
of ours – I have school owners tell me they STRUGGLE with procrastination
all the time.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS.

I had one of the most productive and motivating days of the year!

How did I conquer the insideous feelings of wanting to blow things off?

Here it is…

I remembered back to reading a great book called The NOW habit.

In that book the author described some simple solutions that are easy to
implement. Ready for them? They helped me!

I went and had some fun! Yep, got my mind totally off work for a bit
spent about a hour just listening to music and reading books.

Then, I went and set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes on the ugliest most
daunghting task i had. Wow, it felt good to get started and just as I was
getting into to it the timer went off and I forced myself to take a 15 minute
fun break again.

I couldn’t wait to get back to my project again.

I continued doing this process for about 4 hours today and got EVERYTHING
I needed to get done and had fun doing it and even had extra time to sit
down and create this post!

So, try this the next time you feel stuck and a little unmotivated. It WORKS!

Well, now it’s time to hang out with family and be thankful.

Please let me know when you try this by posting a comment and
sharing your story with me.

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