Fill out Your Martial Arts Business Score Card

Here’s a great little free resource for you.

It keeps SCORE of how well you’re using your time to grow your martial arts business, cash flow, etc.

See if you can beat your score. Use this Scorecard and you’ll have FUN growing your school.


Process Optimization strategy

Watch this video carefully-

As a School Owner, one of your primary activities is to create the vision for your business and make the plan to get there.

This is by no means a  easy Task but, it is single most important activity you the school owner can do.

Process Optimization is about discovering the areas of your business that need to be implemented, then creating a system that has a predictibale outcome no matter who does the tasks.

This skill will save you money, time and energy while getting you closer to your goal of replacing yourself!

Watch the Video:

Also, don’t forget that we have a section of process maps that are already done for you.

Check them out: Click Here!

Is there any process maps that you would like to see us create for your use?

Leave your suggestions in the comment area.

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