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Where to Find Your Best Network

When it comes to networking, it doesn’t really matter how MANY people you know. It just matters that the people you know are ones who you can COUNT on. So where do you find these people?

MacKay says that your best network will develop from what you do best.
That may be related to your business, but MacKay makes it clear that he’s not just talking about business. He encourages you to think about your hobbies and passions.
Do you golf? Scrapbook? SCUBA dive?—Whatever it is that you LOVE to do, that’s where you’ll find your best network. Join up with other people who love to do the same things you love to do, and making connections will come naturally.

Even though it’s natural to make connections with people who share your interests, taking the first step to build a deeper relationship can still be difficult – especially if it doesn’t come naturally.
Hence the second insight.

Overcome the Fear

The biggest roadblock people face with networking is FEAR:

  • Fear of being judged by new people.
  • Fear of talking to new people.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • And a host of many other fears – valid of or invalid, they exist.

Some of us are naturals when it comes to networking. But in all honesty, most people hit this roadblock and never get past it.
That does NOT have to be the case, though. If you’re afraid to talk to new people, here’s what you need to keep in mind to overcome that fear.

  • Stop focusing on your goals, and get interested in other people – that’s easy.
  • Remember that you have something to offer, even if they don’t know it yet.
  • Find a role model—someone who seems to be a natural at networking and copy their techniques.

Of these tips, the most important one to focus on other people, so that’s the next insight.

Give, Give, Give

We’ve all heard the cliché that it’s better to give than to receive. And normally, this is something you might say or hear around the holidays or at a kid’s birthday party. But have you ever thought about it in terms of networking?
Maybe you’ve thought about handing out free stuff, like pens, mouse pads or even coffee mugs, to potential customers as a marketing tactic. But that’s not the kind of offer and GIVING I’m talking about.
Think of it this way—if you approach someone with the goal of selling them something, there’s a good chance that you will walk away without the sale, and you will never hear from that person again.

But if you approach someone with the goal of helping them out in some way that actually matters to them, then there’s a great chance that you’ll make a connection.
That’s a connection that might lead to a sale later, or it might just be the connection that leads to finding anything from a plumber to a publisher later down the road.
Who knows were that connection might lead…

And so why judge the value of that new connection so early?

Let me repeat that.

Keeping Up

You think starting new relationships is hard? Ha! That’s a piece of cake compared to keeping in touch with all the people you meet.

It’s probably easier said than done, but it is absolutely necessary to STAY IN TOUCH with the contacts you make. Think long term. Don’t just think about this week or this month or even this year. You never know how long it could be before you actually need the connections you make.
Staying in touch and keeping up with people over the years is a challenge, but it certainly isn’t impossible – especially with the help of systems.

MacKay has a few practical suggestions on how to keep up with your contacts. To be sure you that don’t just sit there nodding your head in agreement, without taking action, I’ve included these suggestions with this week’s action items.
It’s great to say that keeping in touch is important, but if you NEVER actually do it, you’ll never have the kind of network we’re talking about. The value of that network is the topic for this week’s final insight.

Building the Bridge

MacKay explains the value of a strong network perfectly like this:

There are no dead end jobs. There are only dead-end people.
If you build a network, you will have a bridge to wherever you want to go.

And it’s so true. When you take the time to make connections and build your network, eventually you will always be able to say that you know someone who can help you out.
Whether your business starts to outgrow the systems you have in place or whether your business completely tanks, with a solid network of supporters, you will be prepared to handle anything.

When you’ve got that network of people who will always be there for you (because you were there for them when they needed you), then you’re never alone

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