Don't waste your martial arts Business Dollars here…

I just discovered something HUGE for School Owners that is going to SAVE YOU MONEY… BIG TIME!!

It shows the exact time of year you should *NOT* be investing your marketing dollars on advertising for your school.

I think you’ll be pretty blown-away by this clear cut trend…

Watch this short 5 minute video:

Now don’t get me wrong…I am not saying don’t market!

What I am saying is be very accurate where you put your marketing dollars. This is a great time for back to school marketing, but look for low cost tactics if you can first. That’s why email and event marketing our great ways to leverage your ROI and should be primary strategies at this time of year.

Try to use your resources when you know that people are actually searching for you. (you will actually land more qualified prospects during this upward trends!).

You gotta be hungry…

Dear Martial Arts Business owner,

Talking to coaching clients of ours every week, I am reminded of how important a bit of motivation can be during tough times.

So, I put together a short video telling you my story of how I more than tripled my income and decreased my work hours in half.  It’s vitally important in these times that we keep our eyes on the prize and breakthrough to the next level in our business. This is a tough economy, but it also represents chance for all those who are willing to think out of the box and change some of their old outdated tactics to new ones and embrace the new model of running a martial arts business. If a knucklehead like me can do it so can you!

Watch these 2 short videos…

Before you go, Check out some of the other posts on the site..there is a lot of info here!

What do you think? Comment below…

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