Capturing Your Leads In A Database Are Extremely Valuable


If you don’t have a system to capture your leads you are letting dollars fall through the cracks.  The timing for a prospect to make a buying decision may be several months out and when they are ready your connection to them remains unbroken if you have kept up with manual or automated thoughtful responses.  The leads you have worked hard to capture result in sales today, but also some percentage will be gained over time.
Smart school owners will gather important contact information and particular interest (kids program, self-defense, adult program, etc.) and be able to continue to market to that specific group.  These are people that have already expressed interest in your programs and your school before and are the most likely low hanging fruit to respond to an offer or relavent information you send them.  Down the road they:
1. Enroll
2. Pay you
3. Lower your cost per lead
Automated systems in place are the best, but at the very least have a MANUAL SYSTEM to capture and keep your DATABASE up.  Not keeping up on your database means:
1. Lost sales
2. Lost ongoing revenue
3. Higher costs per lead
Put a Database System in place and work it and you and your school will benefit Greatly.
Paul Keller
SOS Coach


Boost Training 6: The Local Business Lead Generator

Building a legion of Local Businesses that promote your school gives you 3 HUGE assets.

1. New Leads – But also all the new referral leads that the other systems are producing.

2. A List of Local Business Owners – This is one of the best long term ROI from using this micro system

3. A list of  interested leads that you can send offers to and cultivate  expertise, relationship and trust  with until they become ready to Enroll.

You will learn how to access these assets in this weeks Module called…


Module 6:

The Local Business Lead Generator ™


Boost Resources

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Here is my real ” Fancy Pants” Process Map!

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Quick Note from Dion…

Just to follow up on a few things…

1. If you need web work done such as SEO, Website, blog, fan pages, Squeeze pages, and Data Base Managment systems. Normally, we reserve our online team for just our Platinum Coaching club members. But after today’s call, I can see that many of our Boost Coaching members want to have many of these things Set up and optimized for them.

If you are interested please email my assitant Vanessa at with your basic contact info and we will contact you about what your goals are and what you need to have done.

2. On the Q & A call, I mentioned that my one on one platinum coaching program is filled up and closed down for now. However, I have a few dates left for One Day in person and on site consultations.  I will evaluate your current business on everything from Systems to Finance and design a blueprint to get you from where you are to where you want to be and I will actually roll up my sleeves and spend 2 hours of our time just enhancing your website and I bring my laptop and share whatever i have in terms of software and plug ins that I use will be shared as well as anything else a school owner may need. Airfare and hotel is included in my Fee’s and since I know how cash flow issues are, I can break the $2,500 fee into 4 installments of $625 but I can only do this for the first 2 people to respond.

if you are interested please Email with the subjest line: “One day Consultation with Dion”

3. CRM Data base managment – We had a major discussion about this on the Q & A call about this. I have a few suggestions. For most of our Boost Coaching Members I would say that Trumpia is by far the BEST one I have seen to date and many of my coaching clients use it as well. The one draw back is that even with Trumpia, you will still need to use one more system to automate most of your follow up. That still beats having one system for texting, one for email, one for QR codes and so on. 

I have set up a FREE  trial with Trumpia for my clients – I will do a module on this next week to explain in further details. But for now if you want check out the free trial and see what this system can do for you. Click Here.  FULL DISCLOSURE – If you decide to go with this service our company recieves a small comission. But, this is NOT the reason I am offering this to you. Trumpia is the BEST and Most Easy to use system to START effectively to doing Data base managment and you will soon see why. I would take advantage of the free trial to play around with  for next week’s module just to see what you can do with this amazing system. It’s not perfect, but we are working on integrating it with some other crucial Customer Relationship Software  so that it is EXACTLY what school owners need and is Plug & Play all in one place.

In your corner,


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