How to Use Facebook to Get More Leads

Facebook has blown up!

It also is a easy place to generate leads for very low cost. Also, ads on Facebook are very targeted and can be customized to your local area. Check out this video and see how easy it is to set up and implement! In no time you will be generating leads. (It is also very important to send this traffic of people to a website that collects their data for follow up).

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Bonus – Referral System 2.0 Fast Action Map


Use this Fast Action Map to Implement Referral System 2.0.

Also, there is a excel spreadsheet that you can download to track your referrals for gifting.

Click this Link for the spreadsheet ==>  referral-tracker


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Referral System 2.0

As  business students of Prof.Hafner’s Master Mind group referrals are a focus. His take on it is slightly different than maybe what you’ve heard before…let me explain. Imagine if you just joined a school as result of your friends referral. Then, a Instructor makes it know that he will give $100 to anyone who brings […]

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The 3 Best Times to Ask for a Referral in you Martial Arts School.

Here are some ways when to ask for referrals without destroying the Student / Instructor relationship. Clients praised your product or service: When your students  tell you what a great experience they have with your school. End the conversation with “If i can ever help you or anyone you know please let me know”. You […]

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Permission Marketing for Martial Arts Business

Brainstorm ways in which you can save your clients TIME — as that is the final frontier of scarcity. How can you reward people for sticking with you? How can they earn points? Bonus Action Item: If you’re selling a network-effect membership site, consider a free model or a lifetime membership model instead of monthly. […]

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