Boost Training 4: The Numero Uno Online Lead Generation Magnet

Do you know why “Next Generation School Owners”  focus on their Online Domination?

Because, once you have set it up – it will run and automatically produce leads for your school with little maintance work.  So as it brings you STEADY and CONSISTENT new leads, you can focus on other marketing activities because it is set and will bring in leads while you sleep.

In this training, you will learn how to create & optimize a google places listing for your school. Even if your non techy, you will be able to to follow along with the training videos to develop the #1 way that school owners are getting new students from the internet.

Action Steps

1. Take our Brief Boost Coaching Survey (it will take less than 3 minutes): to help us to continue to provide you with better service, please click the link below to take a quick survey of who we are doing – it is much appreciated!

(BTW – I will be showing you a ULTRA important technique to use to get killer reviews and connect with your students using surveys and the technology I am using to do this right now!)

Click Here for step 1 this week

2. Watch 1 video a day and take action as you are watching the videos. Follow along and get r done.

3. If you are too Busy to get your Google places done and optimized, DO NOT skip it!  Consider outsourcing it to our team to make sure it gets done. It will bring a return on investment. If that is you scroll down below the videos now and follow the instructions on outsourcing that task out to us.


Day 1 Video #6: Using Flicker and Panaramio to Power Up Your Google Places

Day 2 Video #7: Adding a Offer to Your Google Places Profile

Day 3 Video #8: How to Add Reviews and Why They Are So Important to the Way People Buy


How You Can Quickly and Easily get Your Google Places Up & Running and Fully optimized and Avoid the frustration of Dealing with TECH Stuff.

If you would like to outsouce the creation & optimization, our tech team can get it done for you quickly and for maximum results for 2 payments of $150 spread out over 60 days. This is a great way to get this crucial piece in place for your online marketing pillar.


If you already have a google places profile and you want us to optimize it and trick it out for maximum results…

If you are interested or have questions please email Vanessa at or you can place your order with your Boost coach with these items:

  • Your schools name
  • Town or city your school is in
  • Exact address of your school and phone number
  • any pictures, you tube videos or testimonials you may have

After we are done we will hand you the log in and you can go in and check your stats to see how many leads it’s generating for you.

If you have more money than TIME, outsourcing the creation of your profile is a smart move.

Quick Check List For Event Planning

Ten Quick Event Planning Steps:
1. Pick a date and time (at least 6-8 weeks out), target group (Tigers, Juniors, Adults).
2. Pick a topic of interest (Stranger or Bully Awareness, Self-Defense, Special Skills).
3. Create a poster with a parent waiver getting names, addresses, emails, cell phones etc. and their signature.
4. Add a raffle ticket and chance to win prizes for each friend or guest they bring (raffle tickets work well with prizes the target group would really want).
5. Write the date and some details on the school white board and begin distributing the posters.
6.  If you have a robust Facebook site you can  create an invite event.
7. Send an email to all students.
8. Gather any email lists from the past, inactive students, past unconverted students, etc. and email them an invitation.
9. Think about a shock and awe package to give to all your guests and an offer they can not refuse to join your school.
10. Create follow up thank you notes to students that participated and follow up invites to join your school.
Paul Keller
SOS Coach

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