Intoduction to The Boost

Welcome to The Boost Coaching Program

Congratulations on making a very smart decision in yourself, and in your

As you can tell by the name of this coaching program, we’re all about getting you consistently growing again .

More specifically, FAST action or as Dion says: “Speed of Implementation”.

Taking action and, ideally, taking action fast consistently separates those who only want to have, wish they had, one day will have, and know they could have a successful business; and those that actually have a successful business.

The Boost coaching Program is structured to give you very manageable but highly leveraged actions, at the right time, as fast as possible.

Here’s how…

1. The Weekly Boost Video Training Modules

The Weekly Boost Video Training Modules is the first pillar of your support.

The videos trainings & the worksheets are a transplant of Dion’s brain into a series of Gates, Action Steps, and Checklist Items that he has used to jumpstart schools that are not growing and haven’t been for years.

It’s the very best of Dions’s training and advice on how to get your school growing and not staying the same or worse yet – shrinking, presented as a series of steps you “check off” as you implement.

It’s as close as you can get to having Dion as your Growth Coach, without actually talking to him live.

These Trainings will make it possible for you to take the right action, at the right time – fast to boost your enrollments, active counts and your team to support growth.

No guesswork here.

Just follow the steps, check off the list of things to do, and watch as your successful information marketing business grows.

2. Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week, you will also have access to 2 weekly members-only live group coaching call where we will:

* Help you with your vision, plan and strategies;

* Identify which of The Checklist items are most important for you to focus on right now;

* Answer any question you have about implementing your priority action items;

* Give you input, feedback, alternatives, ideas, tips and any other support you need to address any challenges you are experiencing in your business; and

* Perform focused reviews of your marketing, including: websites, blogs, landing pages, sales copy, autoresponder series, ads, etc.

* Keep You ACCOUNTABLE to get the Actions that make your school grow – DONE!

Your coach will give you the times and call in info via email . You see, the little known secret about coaching is: it works even if you’re not the one being coached.

Not only will you learn as much by listening to other people’s coaching conversations as when being coached yourself; you’ll also be creating a ritual that reinforces your commitment and accountability, keeps you engaged and inspired, and keeps you connected to a community of like-minded people.

Your Action Steps:

Here are the first action steps you’ll want to take to get off to a quick start:

1. Watch the Video Training Below (on avg the video will be 10-20 minutes long)

2. Download the Resource Materials below the video

3. Congratulate yourself for the steps you’ve completed and recognize that you are well on your way!

4. Schedule a time to take Action on the simple action steps that you got from the video

5. Mark the time on your calendar for weekly training and coaching calls.

6. Attend as many live calls as possible and participate actively.

Ask all your most important questions; and reach out contribute to other peoples’ questions.

We are here for you, fully committed to your success. We just need you. We’re positive that if you stay engaged and committed to this process, together we can make your success inevitable.



Vanessa Canoy and The Boost Coaching Team


Video #1 – Introduction to Boost Coaching


Resources for Week 1

Resource #1 Boost Worksheet


For Options on printing or saving the above Boost Coaching Worksheet hold mouse on above image or click the image below.


*** IF YOU NEED Phone Scripts  – Download this Bonus Resource from our Phone Skills Mastery Program

Click Here!


Resource #2 The Manifesto



Have you read the “Next Generation School Owner Manifesto? It is a must Read for Boost Coaching Members.

Click Here To download!





Resource #3 Video Demo on logging in after first time on this site.

Video on log in Process Click Here


One Trick On How to Maximize Your Time!

Click Below To Watch This Video Clip…



The Boost Coaching Program is a 90 Day Program that were offering FREE to our readers..

Whats the catch? There is none – we just want to collect more Feedback to tighten our system down even more.

After we have filled our 12 spots we will charge $497 for this 90 day program and you can have it FREE. Few Spots still available.

If You are interested Click the Link below ( BTW ) the Special Report is on the next page at the bottom for download.

Click Here for instant access to the Manifesto and more info on the Boost.

Please give us your feedback on the report.

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