Action Items For Relationship Building and Retention

Create A Blueprint For Effective Healthy Positive Actions With Parents and Students

Most of you are familiar with the general rating of parents and students as A, B or C.  A is that third or less that are fully participating “raving fans” of your school.  They would get an 85% to 100% score.  A “B”  rating  would get a 70% to 84% and C,  69% or less.

You have some flexibility on rating criteria but most lists for students would include levels of participation, keeping up on the curriculum, attending school sponsored events, paying on time, bringing a buddy as a guest, etc. and a great attitude.  Parents would have a similar list and get scored too.

The goal is to create a system that helps you maintain your A rated students and parents as A’s, upgrades your B rated to the A list and your C’s to a B rating.  Some of the most effective use of your time will be to focus on your B list.  They can go up to A or down to C and C students are close to the EXIT door.  You can do something about that direction and retention.

Essentially you are asking yourself what action items can I take to build  these important relationships in my school?  What can I do to keep my A list

solid, move the B’s to A and C’s to make the B list?

The answer is the very same things you would do in any relationship that you sincerely care about and want to deepen a connection with:

Acknowledge – Reward – Praise – Connect – Appreciate – Help – Communicate

Take advantage to express and relate how you feel to students and parents around school projects, events, before, during and after class, at graduations, by notes, emails, text messages, chats, cards, special invitations, upgrades within your school’s Black Belt Leadership Program, S.W.A.T. Team, Competition Team and elite Demo Team.

If you don’t have these programs in place, create and put them in place.  You want to create a fun, learning and positive high energy school.  What SOS refers to as the Fonzi Effect. The system support is to make sure no one falls through the cracks and you are helping everyone progress fully.

Paul Keller, SOS

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