Q & A Call SOS Insiders 7-2009

martial-arts-business-marketingWe just had our Q & A call for our paying SOS Insiders Club Members and we thought you would like to get a preview of what these calls are like.

In this 60 minute call we cover everything of how to structure your offer, school owner productivity, cool new automation tools, how to get the most out of your birthday parties, outdoor signage and snipe signs and a bunch of other really good questions from school owners like yourself. Don’t forget, you can either listen to the call online or download the MP3 file for use on your MP3 player.

All this stuff pertains to your Martial Arts School Business and marketing.

Instead, of commenting on the call Duane and I want to know what are your most pressing questions.

If you don’t have any then comment on what has been working for you to enroll students…The best tactic you have used in the past 3 months.

Comment below.

Now click on the audio player and ENJOY!

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Download the file Q & A Call SOS Insiders 7-2009

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