Retention, Upgrades and Renewals Come From The Big Picture

Most school owners miss the big picture behind retention, upgrades and renewals. In Tools For Retention we will begin to tackle and focus on the Seven Inter-Connected Steps and the many related systems when correctly combined develop what we call a Retention Culture in your school. Raving fans, upgrades and renewals become the norm and it doesn’t really matter how you tweak it, with or without contracts, down payments, increased monthly payments, all that can be customized to suit your own market and comfort zone. What really matters is that they all work together in harmony to create the retention buzz in your school.

Here are the Seven broad brush strokes when seamlessly combined in purpose result in a far greater percentage of renewals and lucrative upgrades as part of your school’s Retention Culture. All speak to the same central idea:

“Don’t Quit! You Can Make It!! You Can Find Your Strength and Reach Higher!!!”

You will create students that will stay, are loyal and will rave about your school and what your school has done for them.

How would your students score right now for:

1. Attendance
2. Graduation Progress
3. Participation in Events
4. Referrals
5. Family Support
6. Commitment
7. Gains They Feel They Have Made

Most of you are familiar with the 2-4-6 calls for example. In two weeks from enrollment the Head Instructor calls to check in. See how things are going. How they like classes and see if there is anything you can do for them.

At four weeks, we call to survey if the instructor knows their name or do they feel they are lost in the crowd. What has been their best day so far? Let them know that their friends are welcome too. In fact we encourage them to have a training buddy.

At six weeks, we expand on the four week call, talk about upcoming graduation, see if they feel ready, always checking to see if there is anything they need to help them succeed, see if there is anyone they would like to invite to the school, perhaps give a testimonial and to offer some valued gift cards for them and for their friends if they have some in mind.

Making time to build on a relationship with your students and their families right from the get go and every step along their journey to Black Belt and beyond is part of the glue for caring that needs to be sincerely cultivated as the dominant attitude  that drives a Retention Culture in your school.

More next week,
Paul Keller
SOS Coach


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