Revitalize the Summer Blues In 5 Easy Steps

In less than two months most schools are out for the summer! And you know what that means, right? 

“We are going to be taking quite a few vacations this summer, so we’ll be taking Johnnie out of classes until August.” or “Johnnie would like to take a break from Karate for the summer and just enjoy his time off.” 

Well, you get the idea. 

Summertime can be merciless for a school owner. If, for example, just 10 of your students stop for the summer that $1000 drop in monthly income can be devastating if you’re not prepared. 

So what can you do? Yes, you could advertise in the newspaper or PennySaver. You could even go into your nearby neighborhoods and pass out fliers. For many of these methods, though, is the ROI worth it and will you get enough students to enroll fast enough to make up for the ones that will be leaving for summer break? 

Before we go any further open up your filing cabinet and look for that thick folder that every martial arts school owner has. 

It’s the one marked “Inactive”. That’s where we are going to start! 

That’s right, we are on a mission to re-activate former students. 

Students stop training for many reasons. Some because of financial hardship, others because of a change in work schedule and some because they have lost “sight’ of why they were training. 

Your list of inactive students can be true gold! They know and trust you and to get them in the door to take classes will be much easier than getting brand new students in. 

Our first step will be to go through the list. Take out anyone who has moved from the area or who left your school and you don’t want them back (yes, we’ve all had that student who was more trouble than their tuition was worth). 

Now we are going to set up our campaign. (For our reactivation campaign, I’m going to make it a 5 step campaign. You can make it shorter if you would like but I wouldn’t make it any shorter than 3 steps.) 

Step 1- Letter with your offer. 

Step 2- Follow up letter. 

Step 3- Phone call. 

Step 4- 3rd and final letter. 

Step 5- 2nd phone call. 

If you have a large number of inactives, chunk them down so that you are not overwhelmed. As an example, you could send out 25 letters this week, then 25 the next week and so on. 

Do you have staff that will be helping you with the campaign? If you do make sure that you systematize everything so that the campaign can be picked up by anyone on your staff. 

Here’s an example: Break down the inactives into an easily managed number. List out the names for that particular group and then the 5 steps. This way the date that each was accomplished can be marked and everyone knows which step of the campaign this group is on and when the next step needs to be accomplished. Any letters that are returned or bad phone numbers you can cross them from the list and and purge them from your files. 

Keep repeating the steps until you have gone through everyone in your files. 

For your convenience here are the letters and phone scripts which you may change to suit your needs (I have highlighted in RED where you need to place your school name) .  Note:  These letters are to the parents of inactive students in your childrens classes.  With a little tweaking they will suit you adult students as well. 

1st Letter: 


Here’s An “Ethical Bribe” To Get Your Child Back On The Road To Self-Confidence, Self-Assurance, and Physical Fitness! 

Dear Parents, 

Remember how much fun your child had when attending martial arts classes at Main Street Martial Arts Academy? We’ve had so many parents tell us that their kids would miss other sports practices-but never want to miss their martial arts class. 

Think back and remember how your child…. 

  • Was getting into great shape!
  • Their concentration was improving!
  • They focused like never before!
  • Their grades were improving!
  • Respect around the house improved!
  • They were learning important self-defense techniques

Do you remember the look in your child’s eyes after class? How alert, engaged, and positive they were? It was a great place to spend a few hours each week, wasn’t it? 

But then something happened. 

Maybe baseball or dance class got in the way.  

Or maybe you got caught up in the holidays. 

Or something else squeezed martial arts classes out out the schedule.  

Or, gulp, maybe I did something wrong. 

I know that there could be any number of reasons that you stopped your training. 

Today I am writing to let you know something that you might not realize… 

It’s rare when someone chooses a course of action-and sees it through without a break, hesitation or a second thought! 

In today’s fast-paced society it’s very easy to get sidetracked. You’d be amazed at how many Black Belts started and stopped their training before accepting martial arts as part of their regular routine. 

So, why am I writing to you today? 

As I’m sure you’re aware, martial arts training provides more immediate, positive benefits for your child than any other “extra-curricular” activity they could be doing. 

Main Street Martial Arts has been making continuous improvements to our children’s programs, Black Belt Club program plus we’ve added classes to our schedule! 

I am very excited about getting you back into the Main Street family so here is the “ethical bribe” that I told you about at the beginning of this letter.  

Bring this letter into the school before May 27th at 3 P.M. And You can train for 1 month FREE! 

I know you’ll agree that higher self-esteem, increased confidence and improved focus are traits we would all like our children to have-and you can– with martial arts training at Main Street Martial Arts Academy! 

Looking forward to training with you again, 

John Smith 

Chief Instructor 

P.S. Remember, I’ve taken out all the risk for you. This truly is a FREE offer, with no-strings and no fine print or any other “weasel clauses”! 

P.P.S This special offer is limited to 20 people only, so the sooner you call me at XXXXXXX or stop by the school the better! 

2nd Letter: 

Yikes! I Haven’t Heard From You…. 

Dear Parents, 

Recently I mailed a letter with a fantastic offer to help your child get you re-acquainted with the martial arts.  

But I haven’t heard from you yet!  

So I thought I’d write and let you know that this offer is set to expire May 28th at 3 P.M. 

Just to remind you of what we are offering: 

Free one month of training (no obligation) 

($80 Value) 

You can feel confident knowing that I’ve taken away all the risk in getting started. Now all you need to do is come into the Academy and get back on the road to Black Belt!  

I look forward to training with you! 


John Smith 

Chief Instructor 

Main Street Martial Arts Academy 

P.S. I’m only allowing 20 people to take advantage of this offer. I have XX spots left so you still have some time left but you better hurry! 

1st Phone Call: 

(I am presenting these calls with a script for  a voice mail broadcast.  You can, of course, call each of your inactive students individually for the more personal touch.  I am presenting it this way for those school owners who do not have the staff to make the individual calls or may not have the time due to the amount of calls that may need to be made.)

Hi!  This is John Smith from Main Street Martial Arts.  This message is to follow up with the two letters I have recently sent out inviting you back to class.  If you have not received the letters or to make an appointment to get your membership with Main Street Martial Arts going, please give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX. 

See you in class soon and have a great day! 

3rd and Final Letter: 

Times Running Out On My Special Offer So Don’t Get Left Out! 

Dear Parents, 

That’s right! Time is running out for you to take advantage of the free month of training! 

I’m sure you’ve probably been busy and haven’t been able to get into the Academy just yet so I wanted to let you know that the deadline is soon approaching. 

Your offer is expiring May 28th at 3 P.M. 

Call me today at XXX-XXX-XXXX to get started. 


John Smith 

Chief Instructor 

Main Street Martial Arts Academy 

2nd Phone Call: 

Hi!  This is John Smith from Main Street Martial Arts Academy calling to let you know that the special offer I told you about is expiring this week.  I have XX spots now left so call me today if you want me to reserve one of these spaces for you! 

Have a great day!

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