Sneaky Tactic to get Ranked High on Google fast

Learn How to Shortcut Google With Video Using this New Twist That You Can Do Quickly and Easily.

This Super Sneaky Tactic uses Googles own Rules to shortcut getting ranked on the first page!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and Facebook questions from school owners who wish to know to how to get more out of the search engines and suck out a ton of traffic from google.

Apparently, everyone now realizes the power of having a Internet Marketing Pillar. As I talk to school owners I am finding that they are making it way more complicated then it needs to be.

IN Truth, It is really Quite Easy.


There’s a bunch of ways to have your website rank high engines. And some strategies are significantly more complicated and take longer than others.

So while writing tons of posts, weblog posts, and then creating incoming backlinks and waiting for months to perhaps finish up around the bottom from the 1st web page of google operates. I want to get you on the first page in a day or 2 and have your listing STICK out so that you get more Traffic than even the Number 1 spot.

So check this out, due to the fact it’s the shortcut that you had been searching for and it’s gonna free you from the extended, boring, complex and confusing post writing, submitting, link building torture. (even though if you can outsource that to a dependable assistant or service it can only aid)!!!

First: Figure out your key phrases by making use of google’s keyword tool.

Let’s say that you have ten key phrase or phrases that individuals research for most on google to locate your personal instruction web site. Make a list of these.

Second: go to YouTube and create accounts ten Youtube accounts/channels, using every search term or phrase as the username / channel identify for every account.

*** If your search term or phrase is as well lengthy and cannot be used as an account identify then don’t sweat it, just title it a different account name.

Third: you are gonna want to take your iphone or flip cam and develop 10, 2-3 minutes instructional or testimonial movies.

*** Here’s an additional killer tip for you. At the finish of each online video give a call to action like: ““How to Choose the RIGHT Martial Arts School for You or Your Loved One”. Please check out these FREE videos to help you make an informed choice and avoid much pain as you’re shopping around for Martial Arts schools.” Make sure to leave the FULL url as the first thing in the description and then the call to action.

Here’s a Large SECRET for you personally. When you save these online video files on your computer, be sure to identify each file after one of your key phrases.

So if two of my keywords were: Martial Arts Victory Chicago and Chicago Martial Arts Victory then I’d identify certainly one of the video clip files on my pc Martial Arts Victory Chicago and the other Chicago Martial Arts Victory.

Follow me?

Fourth: you’re gonna do is upload the right online video for the right YouTube account you created and then name the video clip and ensure your key phrase is in there.

So in the example above, I’d name the video clip: MMA Orland Park MMA Forest Park Mixed Martial Arts Orland Park

Then you are gonna ad ONLY a single keyword or phrase into the “tags” or search term section of the online video. Don’t make the mistake of dumping all your search phrases into 1 online video because you are gonna confuse google and dilute the key phrase juice. 1 keyword focus per video.

And then you’re gonna put the URL of one’s website inside the online video description box first after which write a short description and fire your search term or phrase within the description box as well.

Once its done, hit “save” and you are good to go.

Fifth:  Fire a few incoming backlinks to every of the movies. This part is pretty fast and straightforward.

You can write a 100 word post on your blog for each key phrase, then anchor hyperlink each and every key phrase and point it to the appropriate YouTube video clip you just produced. Make sure backdate your 100 word posts so it doesn’t look goofy sitting to the front page of one’s weblog.

Anchor hyperlinking means take your keyword that your video is based on, use it in the blog post and hyper link it back to the video page – so you have a link pointing to the video page on youtube.

Then go to Ezine Articles and and submit a keyword rich article to every one of your videos with an incoming anchored link going to every YouTube online video you produced.

All this is truly pretty simple. And the writing can either be outsourced to or 500 words is great with about 5% keyword density.

That it! Its a KILLER tactic that I can almost guarantee that no one in your area is using.

So, you are probably wondering how this technique that I just taught you really works for ranking you on prime of Google.

It’s actually easy truly. Google’s job is to categorize the data from the world. I bet that’s their mission statement.

Google will see your work and figure out that your vids are relavent to what people are typing in to the search bar and your vids will show up in the search.

But the large issue is that google cannot read movies. It can only read text base. So when they see a dedicated Youtube channel for a key phrase, and see that the online video file title is that search term, and that the video title, “tag” and description have that search term and there’s incoming hyperlinks to that video then yahoo comes towards the natural conclusion that this video is Very relevant to the keyword or phrase being searched for and therefore ranks the thumbnail of that video up high up on the investigation outcomes page.

And when you have a option between a text link or online video thumbnail on google’s investigation results, you are most likely going to click the online video thumbnail. THAT IS HUGE! It will set you apart and almost make the #1 spot a obsolete!

Check out the screen shot below. See how my school have a text link ranking around the initial page of google And the online video thumbnail for my search term phrase: “Victory mma and mixed martial arts”. (Also notice that all the other organic listings are mine as well – that is a domination of page 1, I show how to do this in older posts on this site)

And that is martial arts school internet marketing Seo made easy (less boring, less complicated, and time consuming).

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